August 25, 2010

Wednesday - Thunder and rain in the am, hot and sunny for the rest of the day.

I went to bed late last night so had a bit of trouble getting out of bed this morning. I was awake though. Mother Nature saw to that with her torrential rainstorm and thunder at 8:45 or so.

I got up and there was news on. Hurray! I watched it, and did a few things on the internet. I even vacuumed! I watched Hustle from last night and then went out for a bit. I had errands to run.

I went to the post office where I mailed off a birthday card to a friend, paid for my books for my school, and made a deposit of coins to my account. I talked to F tonight about using the coins from his coin jars to pay for our anniversary dinner. He seems to like the idea.

After that, I walked across the street to the bank and donated a lot of pop bottle lids. They have a big collection bin. Unfortunately the bin didn’t have a liftable lid, just a small hole in the front, so I had to keep feeding the bottle caps in one by one. We had a huge bag of them and I kept dropping them. The doors in the bank lobby are sensor driven so every time that I picked up a cap, the doors opened! Ack. When I finished that, I made some deposits into my school’s account. I wanted to get rid of the accumulated coin from my school too, so I dumped it into the ATM. I wasn’t completely sure it would work, but it did. Yay. My backpack was now considerably lighter!

I hummed and hawed about going to the grocery store and buying stuff for dinner or going to the convenience store and buying munchies for me. Convenience store won and I bought a few things and went home.

It was a lovely day out. Very hot and sunny, but there was a bit of a breeze too, so it wasn’t too bad.

Back at home I watched the weekend’s Medium and ate lunch and watched TV for a while. F came home a bit late today, around 6:30.

When he came home, I asked if he’d take me to the post office to pick up my parcels, so he did. It was a bit hard to find parking so he dropped me off and went to the other side to park. I got my parcels, and then F helped me carry them to the car.

I asked if he’d rather go out for dinner or go to the supermarket to buy something. I was thinking of getting something along the lines of roast beef and doing sandwiches, but he suggested a restaurant. Then agreed to supermarket. Then, halfway to the store suggested a restaurant. We went to the Daiichi Hotel and had Yamagata Beef. It was very nice and we actually had a nice discussion…a conversation if you will.

We came home and had a quiet evening for a bit. After a while I put on American Idol and we watched the first bit of it together, then F took his bath and then went to bed. I worked on my crochet and when I ran out of wool, I unwound some from my frogged project. I got it horribly tangled and it took ages to sort it all out. Tomorrow, or whenever I have time, I’ll roll it into a proper ball.

And that’s about it for today for me. I’ve had a good day. Tomorrow I’ll be a little more busy. Wish me luck! Night.


Orchid64 said...

I've seen huge collections of soda caps around my neighborhood (my neighbor had what looked like a thousand of them laid out on newspaper drying in the sun). I've also seen giant bags of them in front of some shops. Why are they being collected? I thought they were just being recycled separately, but I'm guessing that is not so given that you said "donated".

Helen said...

After spending ages in my Yahoo groups trying to find the answer, I've basically come up with ....I believe they are sold and then the proceeds used for funding some NGOs. The info that I had was that the funds were used for vaccinations in 3rd world countries.

I'm honestly not sure what the collection box at the bank was using them for, but I'm all for recycling things anyway!

Orchid64 said...

Thanks for going to so much trouble to find the answer! I must say that, if it is for charity, my neighbors impress me with their dedication!

I thought they might be trying to assemble a mosaic from them or something. ;-)