August 27, 2010

Friday - Hot and sunny.

An okay day. The doorbell rang this morning before I got up. I think it was the Yoshikei lady, but I checked to make sure it wasn’t someone important and then went back to sleep. Before 9:00 am is not the time to be drumming up business with me.

I got up, but there wasn’t any news. Sigh. No weird movies today either, at least not in English.

Around 1:00 I had the brainy idea to run out to the local bakery for something to eat so I did that. I’m rather glad as I didn’t go out again all day. I got a few things and the lady in the shop gave me a couple of freebies. Do I look undernourished?

Came home, ate, read the paper and watched my afternoon shows, then got back on line. F came back around 6 and then took a nap. Finally around 8:30 I started cooking dinner after doing a bit of prep beforehand. I asked the hubster to make us some coffee, which he did, while I cooked the pork and the eggplant. I did a garlic basil coating on the eggplant and it was okay. I’m not sure if it is the Japanese eggplants, the marinade or what, but I’m not entirely sure about this method. Back to the recipe websites I think.

We had miso pork with grilled eggplant, salad and celery sticks with dips of choice. It was very nice. I don’t usually eat celery so it really was a treat to have it for a change. I did the dishes afterwards too, and started watching Emma.

After I finished the dishes I sat on the couch and did a bit of crochet. It’s going really well this time and I’m just enjoying working with my hands. It’s funny how calming it is. We had an ice cream each and then F got up and started making a whole bunch of noise right at the end of the movie. I was so annoyed. It was the nice quiet scene where Emma and Mr. Knightley are confessing their love for each other and he’s crackling paper and plastic and banging pots and pans in the kitchen. He could have waited 10 more minutes and I wouldn’t have cared, but it was important for him to ruin the movie for me.

We actually haven’t spoken since. I think he’s gone to bed but I don’t care.

I watched Top Gear at midnight. I have so much fun watching that show. Tonight they were taking part in a 24 hour race with a car that they re-built themselves. It was quite cool really. The race looked dangerous, and for a change they took things quite seriously.

That’s about it. It really was a quiet day today. Tomorrow I’m back at work again and it’ll be one of those all day things. I’m scheduled for 3 classes, but I hope to take my computer along as I have to work on my journal column.

Got to go. Night!

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