August 3, 2010

Tuesday - Cooler and cloudy.

I had an okay day today. I was supposed to have a lesson this evening, but just as I was going to start getting ready to go to my school the student cancelled, so I didn’t leave the apartment today.

I woke up a couple of times this morning. One of the times I woke up F was still there. He’d overslept and was late leaving for work. He said he managed to make it in time so that was good.

I got up and watched the news and took a shower. I spent time on my computer and also watched Medium from Saturday. The show is getting weirder. They’re not giving Joe as much to do these days so I’m not as happy with the show either. He’s kind of the reason I watch!

F came home around 6 pm and I cooked dinner fairly soon afterwards. I did stir-fried asparagus and zucchini, we had store bought salad and also lightly breaded chicken that I bought from the store and cooked myself. That was surprisingly nice. We’ll probably get it again.

F did the dishes for me, which I really appreciated as I had burned myself a little while cooking. We settled in to watch Transporter 3. I liked it the first time, wasn’t as good the second, but hey, any chance to see Jason Statham I’ll take.

At 11 we watched American Idol. It was only on for an hour tonight and nobody sang, so it was a little bit sad. I don’t know if they’ll put it on tomorrow night or wait until next week.

And really, that’s about that. I didn’t go out so I didn’t spend any money! Tomorrow, I may just go a little crazy and go to the post office on personal business. I’m not sure yet. Still, I think it would be a good idea.

That’s it for me. Got to go. Night!

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