August 30, 2010

It’s Monday and it was hot and sunny. Again!

A pretty good day. I didn’t sleep that well. I got up to make a washroom run, woke hubby coming back to bed. We chatted a little, then went back to sleep. A stupid bird made a horrible noise before 7 and woke me up. Then, after F left, I got up around 8 and stayed up for a bit. I went back to bed, setting my alarm for later. I slept through it and woke up quite late. Gah!

I watched the news, hurray and spent time on my computer. I did a few loads of laundry. It was a good thing as I had almost run out of certain unmentionables! I watched some of my weekend’s TV taping. It was so cool, Greg Evigan was on Cold Case! You know what that means, right?

Time for a little bit of zany 70’s fun! And, funnily enough, Ed Lauter was on too, and he was a guest star on BJ and the Bear in the past too.

I toddled off to the post office and the convenience store around 4pm today. I was going to take some coins to the post office, but realised that the bank part of the post office closes at 4, so didn’t.

I came home again and just enjoyed the cool.

F was a little late tonight but seemed in a good mood tonight. He vegged for a while and then we went out for dinner. It was an odd one tonight. He begged for ramen, so we went to a ramen restaurant for him first. I had a plate of gyoza while he ate a ramen set with fried rice and gyoza. Then, we went to Gusto where I ate! I had a beef yakiniku plate. It was okay, but not terrific. He had dessert and we both had drink bar. We came home afterwards.

F found Hairspray on TV tonight and even though we have the dvd, watched it again. He’s quite funny. He acted like it was the first time he saw it today. It is such a fun movie, with a really neat message behind it.

Later on, I watched That 70’s Show which was a Christmas show tonight. Quite funny. Red dressed up as Santa and told the children about Vietnam. Mmm’kay!

Anyway, that’s it for me. I’ve been working madly on my Journal column tonight and I think it’s okay. I do want to do a proofread in the morning and a little stewing to make sure it’s really what I want to say. It’s quite long, so long that I wrote to the editor and asked if I should cut it in two pieces. Yikes! We’ll see.

I’m off to work tomorrow. Wish me luck! Night.

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