August 5, 2010

Thursday - Hot and sunny.

Today was a bit odd. I got up at a goodly time and watched the end of Some Kind of Wonderful. It’s my favourite of the John Hughes movies they’ve been running on WOWOW lately…perhaps they’re commemorating the 1 year anniversary of his death?

I had a hard to get moving morning…don’t really know why. I didn’t even shower until noon.

In the afternoon I did my computer stuff and thought about getting ready for work. Thursdays I have a lesson at 5 pm and the student always comes, so I have to be there. I also knew that I’d have to be at my school a bit early as it was so hot the place would be an oven and I’d need extra time to cool it down.

I had some yogurt early in the afternoon and then after a bit got off the computer to start getting ready for work. I cooked my omelette, sat down and looked at the clock and realised that it was 4:00 pm. I had thought I was getting ready early, but actually I was an hour late! I usually leave for the school at 4 pm and I was just going to eat. ACK.

I wolfed down my omelette, did the dishes ridiculously fast, and hopped on my bike. I didn’t even wear socks, I didn’t want to waste time putting them on! I biked off to the school and managed to get there a few minutes later than normal. (I should mention our clock always runs about 5 minutes fast.)

My school was so hot today. It was on the way to 38 degrees. There was nothing to be done but to run the AC. Sigh. I did it in stages, but still it took a long time. When my student came it was still quite hot, but the air was moving so it wasn’t too bad.
We had a good lesson surprisingly and he left almost on time.

I had a bit of a breather between classes so I got sorted out for my second class. Thankfully last week I had prepped everything, I just needed to refresh my memory of what we were doing.

The next class also was fine and then I was done. F phoned me a little earlier than usual to tell me about a phone call I’d had, and then again to tell me that he needed more financial information for his office. Grr. That one bugs me. He came over and picked me up and we did a bit of school stuff as well.

We had a nice dinner at Cocos tonight and I tried their tea of the month. It was white peach with an assam base. Rather nice, but then again, I love assam tea! We had their free ice cream for dessert and the waitress came over and told us that they were out of vanilla so would it be okay if we got chocolate instead. Umm….chocolate instead of vanilla is never a problem for me!

We came home via the gas station and the grocery store. I’m going to try and cook dinner tomorrow. I’m planning to use my crockpot as I haven’t used it in a bit and I don’t want to heat up my entire apartment.

That’s about it. It’s been a quiet evening. F went to bed a while ago, but I’m still up. I’m not sleepy, but I really should go to bed soon or I’ll never get up tomorrow.

Gotta go. Night!


Rachel said...

I'm also a chocolate ice cream fan ;-)

I think you meant crockpot not crackpot, but it's making for some very interesting imagery...

Helen said...

Oh, my goodness! I did mean crockpot and you are right, it's quite an image. I suppose I should edit it... I usually catch my goofy mistakes on my last read through but I was tired last night and.... I think it might have been my text edit programme. It goes and "corrects" everything for me.

That's my excuse for now!

Thanks for visiting :-)