August 8, 2010

Sunday - Hot and sunny, a little muggy.

We went to bed quite late yesterday, but I managed to get up at 11 am. It’s funny, since I’ve started setting my alarm on Sundays and getting up before 12 (or at least trying to!) F has become a lot friendlier on Sundays.

After a little bit of vegging we decided to go out and have lunch, then get my passport pictures taken. We went to Grado for lunch and it may have been a mistake. We give them my old English newspapers for their restaurants (they put pieces of paper under the soup bowls) and since I’d just throw them out anyway (or recycle them when I can) this works for us. Anyway, the waiter today had a cold. He was sniffing all over the place, and coughing and sneezing too. Yuck and double yuck. One nice thing was the waitress gave us a free dessert sampler, so we got to try a lot of different things.

We got my passport photos taken and they were okay. I don’t think they are particularly flattering, but after travelling all day or night, I don’t look that great anyway. Canada is really picky about the photo sizes, so I couldn’t go to a booth and have them done.

We drove around for a bit, had coffee at Mr. Donuts, then visited the mall for F to get a guidebook, and then headed out to Musashi, the hardware store. I needed some stuff for my school. The chief thing I bought was a sheet of plastic to put under my chair. The roller on the chair is breaking the wooden overlay on the floor. I’m sure the nice people at LeoPalace are going to enjoy making me pay for it when I move out. Anyway, hopefully the plastic will help stop it from getting worse.

Everywhere we went in Tsuruoka today there were people in yukata. Today was the fireworks festival in town. I had really wanted to go as we didn’t go last year, but F didn’t get us seats this year. I’m not sure why he didn’t and I wasn’t too happy about it, but not enough to let it ruin my day. Anyway, we came home for a bit, but when the fireworks started he went outside to watch them for a bit.

We had a very nice dinner in Togashi, the yakiniku restaurant we go to sometimes. We didn’t have the specials that someone always orders, so I was a bit surprised. We definitely ate enough though.

We came home via the grocery store to get milk. I tried to get something for dinner on Monday, but I couldn’t find anything I wanted to cook. I told F that I wasn’t going to make a stir-fry as we always argued when I did. He took exception to that and got a bit huffy. Said he didn’t know why I said that. Perhaps it was because the last 3 times I’ve made it he didn’t eat it and hid out in the bedroom. Anyway, I didn’t buy dinner fixings yet. I might tomorrow if I feel like it.

We watched last week’s Desperate Housewives and it was good. Definitely either setting things up for the season finale or something.

F went to bed and I stayed up as usual. I prepped the garbage for him to take out and started to blog. I read lots of blogs and had a fairly good time on the net. I’m now listening to the Idols radio station. It’s all Idols, all the time!

That’s it for me. I’m going to get off the computer soon and get some sleep. Night.

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