August 9, 2010

Monday - Sunny and hot, humid.

I had an okay day today. This morning I got up when my alarms went off and actually stayed up. I had planned to get more sleep, but then didn’t. Yay me?

I had a nice relaxing morning. There was almost no telly on today, so I watched my taped weekend shows and then watched the end of The Hidden Blade in Japanese with no subtitles. I’d seen it with subtitles before.

In the afternoon I vacuumed the apartment, and cut up the milk cartons for recycling. Yay.

I made lunch for myself. I had leftover chicken from Friday that I reheated. It was really nice. I pan fried it and served it on English muffins. So yummy.

I had been thinking most of the afternoon about going to see a movie again, but decided not to do it. I might later on in the week, but I’m trying not to spend all of my money right now.

F came home from work and seemed tired. I made the mistake of asking him about lodgings for a friend that’s coming to the area and he surprised me by saying he has a cousin who has a minshuku. He hasn’t talked to this person in years but was offering to call them up and ask for a discount for my friends. It was nice of him, but considering he had no idea what condition the place was in now, or if in fact the place was still open, made me very nervous. I asked him not to do that (as I felt it would obligate my friend to stay there) and he got all huffy and did his I’m not talking routine. Whatever. It wasn’t until he took his nightly bath at 7 pm that I realised he wasn’t going to bother with dinner either.

When he finished his bath I suggested we go out for dinner, so he agreed. I suggested a couple of places with good food that have both western and Japanese menu items. He picked Framboise. Although he said he wasn’t hungry, the more food he ate, the nicer he got, although he kept bringing up the whole thing up again over dinner.

We came home. On the way home he asked if he should extend our trip next month. I don’t mind, if it’s possible. Then he said that he was actually thinking of cancelling our trip and coming to Canada to me. A ha. Umm…NO! When I first talked about going, he told me he couldn’t come so I booked myself a long vacation and have been enjoying the idea of spending time alone in Canada.

At home we sat and relaxed for a bit, very very quietly. A bit later he made the announcement that he was going to the grocery store and did I want to come with him? I declined because I was in my pyjamas, but did appreciate the offer.

He went and came back, watched some baseball on the TV and then went to bed. We’re friendlier now, but I don’t know why he got so upset. It makes me not want to ask him anything. I had no idea he even had a cousin with a minshuku. How would I know when he goes out of his way to avoid his family? Men!

I’m off. Tomorrow I have work…so I’ll be busy. See you tomorrow night? Bye!


siti the twins said...

hey! how are you Ms.Helen? hope you're doing just fine. as for me? i'm perfectly fine. Tomorrow i have my Japanese exam, wish me luck!

Helen said...

Luck! Hope your exam goes well.

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

I was just reading your blog thinking how lovely it is that you never seem to have a cross word with your husband! Darn! Men, indeed. My hub avoids family too - have never met any family members.

Helen said...

Sadly I have LOTS of cross words with my husband. This last year has been a bit better, but we fight quite a lot. I'm very very independent and he's an idiot (at times!)

I'm learning to let a lot slide, but I find it difficult when he keeps bringing things up that are sore points.

Thanks for reading :-)