September 1, 2010

Wednesday - Hot and sunny. Good grief…how about a little rain to break up the monotony? Please?

I got up at a good time today to watch the news. It wasn’t on. Instead it was US President Obama. I watched it for a bit, but then changed the channel. I spent a little time on my computer and then went into the kitchen and started work.

I had taken on the job last night of making dinner. First up, I made some soup in the slow cooker. I chopped a bunch of veggies and made them really small too, so it took a while. I put the lid on and let the slow cooker do its thing.

After that, I got started on F’s ginger pork. I’m not a huge fan of ginger, although I am starting to appreciate it more these days. I grated a bit of ginger, mixed it with soy sauce and put it on the pieces of pork to marinate. I covered it and put it back in the fridge.

That done, I did a bit more on the computer. I finally turned in my article for the Journal. Whew! It’s long, so I’m not sure if the editor will ask me to cut it in two parts (fine with me) or run the whole thing.

When I finished that important work, I decided to run off to the mall. I dressed for going out and then went. At the hundred yen shop I picked up three file folders. They are made of hard plastic and are A4 size. At the moment I’m using them to keep papers for our various trips together. They’re handy to have. I also got a couple of pens. I hummed and hawed about a few other things, but decided against them.

I went to Doutors and had a sandwich and an iced Royal Milk Tea. Very nice. I read my Journal from this month too. I’ve been busy with bits and pieces and never quite got through it before. Some very good articles in it, and some remembrances of our member who died earlier this year. I got a bit verklempt at that part and I didn’t even know her.

I toured the grocery store a couple of times, but didn’t find anything to buy. Not true really, just didn’t find things I wanted enough to buy. I jumped on my bike and came home.

At home, I decided to blow up my bicycle’s tires. They were getting a little soft. That done, I went in and proceeded to sweat! It is so hot outside.

I was sitting at my computer around 7 pm and my keitei rang. I thought it was my hubby, but it was the mother of a student. I thought maybe she was cancelling the next lesson, but actually she was telling me that she was just going to leave home now and they’d be at my school soon! I had to tell her that she’d got the day mixed up! The lesson is tomorrow. I’m so glad that she phoned me, because if she’d gone all the way to my school, I wouldn’t have been there.

F came home a bit after me and I asked him about dinner. He decided to make rice for himself, so that took some time. When he finished, I got dinner on the table.

I set the table, F made coffee and we got in each other’s way. Kitchens are too small in Japan. I moved the Crock Pot and then ladled out some soup for F. I noticed he had his rice bowl out and was filling it already. Huh? I told him that there would be a second course so he did look a little sheepish. The soup was good. The veggies weren’t soft, so it was a soup with some bite. I quite like it like that. After we each had two bowls of soup I cooked the ginger pork. It got rave reviews from the hubster. I’m not sure if he gave me rave reviews so that he wouldn’t have to cook it next time, or cause he really like it but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

F did the dishes and we settled in to watch last week’s Desperate Housewives. It was sad and funny. Poor F likes the characters, but says he can’t believe the story. Of course not, it’s not that kind of show!

We watched the results show of American Idol as well. It was good, but I was sad at the person that was sent home. I really thought it would be the male singer. Hmm.

And that’s about it. I’ve been playing around with the Blog Template I use and changed the colours a bit. I’ve been reading blogs, no big deal.

Well, that’s it for today. It was quite good. Musically, I’ve just swapped Adam Lambert for Dean Martin. I’ve decided that I need to cool off a bit before bed. I’m now listening to a Late Night Dean Martin cd, so it’s more relaxing.

Anyway, I’m out of here. Night!

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