September 12, 2010

Sunday - Rainy and more rainy.

A good day. I went to bed horribly late last night. It was after 4 before I finished up all the things I wanted to before bed. I set my alarm for 11 and went to sleep. When I woke up at 10:30 it was to an empty apartment. F had gone out. That made me glad. I never want him to stay at home and wait for me, so knowing he was out doing something necessary was good.

He came back around 11 and we had a snuggle before getting up. I checked email, did the usual stuff. After a while we went out for lunch and errand running. We had a nice lunch in New York, New York and then went to K’s Denki. I needed new ink for my school’s photocopier and I wanted to get a shredder too. Well, we ended up getting both. F bought me the shredder, which really surprised me as I plan to get it for myself. I have a bunch of papers with my name on them that I want to shred. Not important stuff, just things like envelopes, that kind of thing. The one we got was on sale, it didn’t come with a box so it was cheaper than the exact same model with a box. Who needs a box?

We also went to the drugstore again, and then the travel company for our trip’s stuff. We came home for a bit after that.

In the evening, F suggested going for pizza for dinner. I was worried about the tomato sauce, but we ended up getting a half and half pizza with no tomatoes on it, so that was a bonus. After dinner, we bought a few groceries for tomorrow night’s dinner. I think I’m going to cook again. Looks like vegetable soup and ginger pork.

We came home and had a quiet evening. F put on the TV and tried to watch a Biohazard film but I begged off. We saw that one in the theatre and it gave me nightmares for weeks. He put a show on about rock guitarists and it was cool. I had no idea what they were saying about the musicians, but it sounded ilke an intelligent show instead of the usual fawning/over the top thing. Plus, they showed clips of people performing and that was neat.

That’s about it for me. F has gone to bed, and I’m thinking to get to sleep fairly soon. Hopefully, talk to you later! Night.


mama penguin said...

Good golly! If I am not in bed by
9:30 each night, I can not function the next day. I miss my 20-something days. Ho hum.

Helen said...

I'm just a night owl. I can't get up in the morning unless I have a good reason, but I never like going to bed. I know it's rather silly, but...

I'm nowhere near my 20's any more, so I can't use that as an excuse.

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