September 15, 2010

Wednesday, a lovely and sunny day.

I had a good day today. I did oversleep a bit, but it didn’t matter much. I got up and got on with my day.

I was at home for most of the day. It was fairly quiet. I was keeping an eye on a situation in one of my groups. Things are a bit difficult at the moment.

I had planned to go out in the afternoon, but didn’t get around to it. I did 3 loads of laundry so hopefully the things I need will be dry for our trip.

I had some of my lovely soup for lunch today. It was so good. I really loved it. I might be able to finish it tomorrow.

In the evening, F called me to say that he’d talked to the restaurant and made a reservation for us for 7 pm tonight. He came home around 6:15 or so and changed out of his work clothes. We dressed up a little and then drove out to Mikawa to Bistrot de Ponts.

We had a lovely meal. We started with sashimi and a salad with sauerkraut and balsamic vinegar. Then, we were served kabocha soup, followed by sea bream with a mushroom sauce. Both were wonderful.

Our main course was either steak for F or local Shonai pork for me. The dishes came with mashed potatoes and a few veggies. We also had the restaurant’s lovely bread on the side. Mmm.

Our dessert was a Mango Mousse with black sesame ice cream, mango slices on the side plus a sugary web on top. It was a treat for the eyes and the mouth. We were served coffee with it too. A lovely meal, really.

Smile!  Dessert was so yummy.

We came home afterwards and I watched an Hercules Poirot on the telly that was good. We settled in to watch American Idol afterwards. We enjoyed the show, although F went to bed on it. I darned in the loose ends of my hat and also sewed it up about halfway. It was a bit difficult as our light isn’t that great for close work. I might try and work on it again tomorrow in the daytime if I have time.

And that was my day. Mostly lovely and quiet, with some amazing food. Night!

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