September 17, 2010

Friday - Clear and sunny.

A good day. When I woke up this morning it was a little late, but I got up. I checked some of the internet sites that I use, but my favourite gaming site was down and continued to stay down for much of the day. Grr. I made the bed and then took a bit of a nap on it!

Around 2 pm today I decided to have an adventure. I grabbed my bike and went off to the Tsuruoka cinema. I wanted to see The A-Team again. It was fun, but really wasn’t worth watching again. However, this time I knew about the two scenes at the end and was able to watch them more closely than I did the first time.

I visited the bank and then the mall for a bit. I didn’t find anything I wanted to buy at the mall, so I just came home. I didn’t even have my tea as it was starting to get dark.

F came home tonight around 7 and immediately went to the bedroom and had a lie down. I wasn’t best pleased as he didn’t even talk to me. I went to talk to him and my stomach started growling. I was hungry.

We went for dinner to the new sushi restaurant that just opened today. We had to wait about 15 minutes, so not bad. F said not to worry about price, so I took him at his word. I had a lot of sushi, some of it was really good. Some of it was okay. They do have a drink bar which is a nice thing for those of us who don’t really like green tea. Our bill afterwards was about double the bill at our usual place, so I’m not really sure if we’ll go back or not.

We came home and watched a couple of episodes of Desperate Housewives that I had on tape. Things are getting weirder on Wisteria Lane. I do wish they’d wrap up this whole Dave Williams story. It’s getting rather tiresome.

F went back to bed after the programmes finished and went to sleep. It’s a little sad because he barely talked to me today. Oh well. I suppose we have the next few days to talk to each other.

That’s it for me. Tomorrow I have two classes at work, hours apart so I’m hoping to get a lot of work done. Please wish me luck! Night!

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