September 19, 2010

Sunday - She be a rainy one today, mateys.

I got up this morning around 11 and F was out. He’d gone over to his house to help his mother with something. Good for him. He came back and we vegged for a bit before going out for lunch. He wanted yakiniku, so we went to a local place. We didn’t really have yakiniku, we had lunch specials. I had bibinba, the Korean dish. It came with a little meat to grill, soup and a salad. It was okay. F had noodles, of course.

We were going to have coffee in the afternoon, but when we got to the mall couldn’t find parking under cover and I didn’t want to run for the door of the mall. It was really coming down. I suggested going home and I would make tea. We did and I did.

We zoomed out again for a while to go to Yamaya. The reason? To buy some fake souvenirs for our trip. F has told his office we’re going to Canada so we got some maple cookies. Shh! Don’t tell on him. We picked up some decaf as well. We drove over to the gas station, filled the car and then went to the camera shop. I was drooling over the Pentax cameras on offer, but I don’t really need one…just want a new one. Mine is a little old and clunky now. My cellphone is a better camera in many ways!

We came home again.

After a long time at home where we both did a lot of packing and I watched Virtuosity (Russell baby au naturel - woot!) F wanted dinner of course so we went to Aki for okonomiyaki. I had curry cheese with udon for a change and F had noodles. What else? Bleck.

We came home and have spent the evening doing sundry things for our trip. F got his computer out and made us a schedule of the trip. I’m really glad because I didn’t know when any of our flights were. He kept asking me spelling questions until I introduced him to Dashboard and the handy dandy little dictionary there! His even has Japanese to English capabilities.

And that’s about it. I’ve been on my computer for a bit, but I really should get some sleep soon. I’m a tad tired and I’d really like to get some sleep. F never seems tired in the daytime and since I’ll be with him for the next week will need to keep a sense of humour going.

Probably update tomorrow night…unless something comes up. Night!

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