September 26, 2010

Sunday - Sunny and warmish

Today was a quite good day. I slept in quite late and only really woke up when the census form was delivered. I did have a nasty dream while I was in the land between being awake and asleep. I dreamt that I had to put my dog down. As I really did have to do that once it was quite horrible to relive.

I got up and did a bit of email and internet reading before we went out for lunch.

Lunch was at Kintaro Sushi and was quite nice. I tried a new type for me, engawa. I didn’t really like it, but F said it wasn’t as good as usual. I’m very funny about textures in my mouth and it just didn’t do anything for me.

We went for a drive after lunch. It was supposedly to the beach, but we mysteriously ended up at a port to check out the fishing. It looked like some people were doing really well while the people next to them didn’t catch anything. Strange. I asked the hubster if he wants to go tomorrow. That’s to be announced I think.

We came home and did a bit of cleaning. Tomorrow we have the fire alarm check and I told F that he had to clean out the Tatami room. He’s been using it as a dumping place for our no longer working equipment and I don’t like it! To be fair, he did a great job in the room. I’m sure we’ll never find anything again, but it looks good for now. I vacuumed the apartment and then worked on clearing off my computer desk. I didn’t manage, but did find a lot of things and threw out tons of junk.

We had dinner at Cocos and it was nice. They have a new menu with the season and I had the chicken with Genovase sauce, while F had a Japanese dish.

We came home and I put all my passport things together. I filled in the money order that I bought and then thought I’d better check the net to make sure that everything has to be sent by registered mail. While I was there, I discovered that the fee amount had been changed….on the actual day that I bought the old money order….and I’ll have to cash it in and get a new one. Oh what fun! At least F will be with me to help me out. I also have to hanko the form, so I’ll need to run to the school to grab my hanko.

I watched last night’s Cold Case. It was about Stewardesses in the 60’s and some of the guest stars were quite famous. They had Lee Majors (Six Million Dollar Man), Adrienne Barbeau (Maude), and Mariette Hartley (Polaroid Commercials with James Garner). Quite interesting. F even stayed up to watch it with me.

And that’s it. Tomorrow I have to try to get up early and then get my blooming passport off in the mail. I didn’t have any problems with it during our trip, but I was pretty nervous about the whole thing.

Got to go. Night!


siti the twins said...

hope you have a great day.well, i'm just wondering how's your life.hehehehe..... miss you!

Helen said...

Thanks! I've been fine...just back from vacation in Hong Kong which is why I haven't posted for a bit.