September 29, 2010

Wednesday - Sunny but not too warm

Had an odd sort of day today. I got up early then went back to sleep for a bit. Got up to check on news but there was only baseball, so I ended up going back to bed. I slept for a good long time, even oversleeping through the alarm I’d set.

When I got up I started to do laundry and also watched some news. I made the bed, and spent time on my computer. I really just had a quiet day at home. I thought about going to the lobby of the building and sweeping and did in fact do that after 5 pm.

Oh, and at 5 pm something happened. I had the TV on and they showed an earthquake bulletin. Just after that, my cell phone’s earthquake alarm went off and sure enough, I could feel a slight earthquake. I was worried in case it got worse, but it didn’t.

I went out to sweep the lobby. Today is most likely the last time I’ll do it for a while. October someone else is supposed to take over. Hurray and I hope they really do.

F came home around 7 and immediately went into the kitchen rather than saying hello to me. I was a touch miffed, but then I got my hug. He started working on dinner and I got a massive headache. I took a couple of Bufferin and had a lie-down for a few minutes. It seemed to help.

F’s nabe was very nice. He did make the sauce too strong as usual, but noticed it himself. He made up a second nabe later and the sauce wasn’t as strong and was much better. To be honest, I don’t like his sauce, but after last year when I complained and he refused to make any more, I decided to keep my mouth shut. Hopefully I can persuade him to use a commercial mix once in a while!

I did the dishes and what a rigamarole that was. He’d stuffed half of the dishes in to the basin in the sink. The one full of cold water. I emptied it out and then the drain got plugged. I had to clean out the drain before I could do the dishes. F went to bed and that basically was the last that I’ve seen of him.

At 11 pm I put on American Idol and watched the show. Adam performed tonight and the way he presented the song was very different from the cd. It was okay, just wish I’d seen him do it the way it goes in my head.

And that’s about it for today. I have a busy day at the school tomorrow, so I should really get some sleep. I’m honestly not feeling that well and need all the beauty sleep I can get. Night!

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