September 6, 2010

Monday - Hot and sunny again.

A good day.  Yep, I said that!  I got up this morning a little later than I normally would.  No biggie.  F was on his way out to the city hall, so I made the bed and took a shower.

He was a dear when he came back and made some coffee and toasted a couple of English Muffins for us.  Yum.  

We went out for lunch but didn’t really have a plan. I suggested a place we go in the evenings, but it was too crowded, so we went on.  F suggested a place he’d seen near his doctor’s office. He’d never been there, but was wondering about it. Off we went.  

When we got there it was open, but there were no cars outside.  Hmm.  It was an older building that looked a little run down.  We got out of the car and approached the door.  I said maybe it was a Sweeney Todd Restaurant and maybe we’d never be seen again.  Then, I saw we had to go upstairs and I was sure it was!  We climbed the steps and found ourselves in a charming little restaurant.  There was nobody else there except the cook and a waitress.  She looked like she was about 80 years old.  F thought she’d been waiting for us for 50 years!  The inside of the restaurant was gloriously sunny, as it had windows most of the way around and clean and quite nice.  It had tables and chairs and in the back was tatami.  

We had lunch there and it was great!  I had pork oil-yaki teishoku and F had tempura teishoku.  There was so much food!  I had pork and veggies, plus rice, miso soup, miso eggplant and pickles.  The waitress even brought us iced coffee afterwards on the house.  It wasn’t cheap exactly, but it was good.  We really enjoyed ourselves and may try and go again in the evening sometime.  
When we finished lunch we went to F’s doctor.  We had two reasons to see him, the main one was of course for F. He’s been having back pain again, which likely accounts for his share of the bad part of the weekend.  I had to see the doctor too as I needed him to be the guarantor for my passport application.  He did it last time I applied and was nice enough to say he’d do it again.  I was expecting to leave most of my forms with him, but he did it all there and then.  What a nice guy.  He wasn’t too busy patient wise, but I did feel a bit guilty.

After we finished at the doctors we went and had an iced tea at Doutors then came home.  We vegged for a while and spent a nice afternoon together.

In the evening we were still quite full, so F wanted to go to a Japanese restaurant for noodles. I wasn’t so keen, but didn’t want to rock the boat.  We drove there but it was closed already.  (Darn!) We ended up at Coco’s.  F had his noodles and thought they were okay, I had chicken and a salad.  

We came home via the grocery store. F got some food for dinner tomorrow. He’s going to cook for us.  That should be interesting.  Originally, I was going to have the evening off work tomorrow, but today a student asked to reschedule her Saturday class to Tuesday, so I’ll work after all. Yay.  So glad not to lose another class this week.

In the evening we went through our collection of foreign money, in anticipation of going to Hong Kong.  I have 770 dollars left from last time. It comes to about ¥7000 so not a huge sum, but surely enough for a meal or a great souvenir. F found a bunch of Canadian money and gave it to me.  Hurray.  When he found more though, I suggested he keep it, after all, I’m sure he’ll go back to Canada sometime!

We watched Death Race 2000 in Japanese.  It just wasn’t the same as in English. I’ve realised that part of the appeal of Jason Statham is his voice.  Dubbed into Japanese just doesn’t do it for me.  

That’s about it for today.  I watched That 70’s Show on late and it was funny, but not as hysterical as some of them are.  The problem with watching that show is I keep calling people “Dumb A**” afterwards just like Red does. 

So, I’m out of here. Tomorrow I have to get back on track for work. I may go out before I go to work, but more likely I won’t.  Night!

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