September 7, 2010

Tuesday - Warm and rainy. Woot!

Had a pretty good day today. I couldn’t post to my Angelfire account and I forgot to do it all day. Oops. The system was down last night.

I got up at a reasonable time today and didn’t see any news for a few hours. I did watch a really good Cold Case from the weekend. It featured my favourite detective, Vera when he was younger. I thought it was cool. After my shower I watched CSI and it was a hoot. It featured Wendy and Hodges and took place at a Sci-fi convention and was obviously based on Star Trek. I howled at the start of the show…the line was so perfect and yet it was so funny too.

I had a good day at home, quiet, but good. I started to get ready for work around 3 and then left the apartment at 4. I wanted to go to the drugstore and thought I might, but there were ominous clouds in the sky when I left home. I had just taken the lock off my bike when it started to rain so I put on my rain cape and then set off. I was wet within 5 minutes and so when I was at the point to decide about going to the drugstore decided to just go to the school.

I was soaked, so after I came in and locked the door I got out of my wet things and hung them in the shower. There’s a clothes dryer system in there, so I turned it on and hoped for the best.

I got ready for the day. I changed some of the fake flowers in the school as it had been rather a long time and did a bit of cleaning. I read some of the newspaper and then waited for my student. And waited. After 10 minutes I called her but didn’t get an answer. Sadly, she never did come. She usually has a good reason, but as my other class of the day had cancelled I didn’t need to go to the school at all.
I had some tea after the class time, read the other paper I’d brought and then called F. He came and picked me up.

We went to the grocery store to get some meat for one of his dishes and then came home. F did a lot of work for our dinner. He did everything basically, although I did offer to help many times. I set the table a bit, and also chopped some ham for him. We had garlic pork, spinach and ham saute and chap chae. Everything was really nice. I did the dishes afterwards.

We had a quiet evening, watched American Idol at 11. I enjoyed it, but found I was quite critical tonight. I agreed with a lot of the judges’ comments. Still liked most of the performances.

That’s about it. I had a nice meal and some good TV. The weather cooled down a little, although it is still a tad warm. Hopefully it’ll clear up a bit tomorrow so that I can go out. I need to go to the post office, amongst other places. Wish me luck! Night night.


mama penguin said...

Sounds like you had a pretty good day. May it continue for the rest of the week.

Helen said...

Thanks! I hope it continues too.