September 8, 2010

Wednesday - Sunny but cooler. Big smile!

A good day today. I overslept this morning. I was really surprised. I had planned to get up about an hour and a half before I did. Sigh. Put me out a bit during the day.

I had a good day though. I had brunch which was two maple English muffins. They tasted a bit like pancakes. Yum.

I really relaxed today. I even took a mini nap in the afternoon. I did use the air conditioner a bit today, but not this evening. Even though it’s still warm, it isn’t humid at the moment. Yay.

When Hub came home, of course he was starving and wanted to eat soon. His choice was, as always, some kind of noodle dish. Bleck. I didn’t want to go to any of his restaurants, but I sort of made a deal with him. I said if the one he picked was closed, we’d go and have Thai food. He muttered something which I took as agreement and then off we went.

The place he wanted to go was closed, so he kept trying to get me to go to other crappy restaurants. I don’t know, why does he like to go to such dives? Yesterday I had a bit of a stomach problem so didn’t want anything overly greasy or questionable today. We finally were on the way to the Thai restaurant when I said we could keep looking for a good place along the way. He countered with a restaurant near City Hall that is quite good. We went there and had a nice meal.

I had a dadacha-mame* special. I had rice with beans in it, a tiny bean gratin, miso soup, pickles and filet cutlet with salad. It was very tasty. F had the Sashimi set which looked good, except for the turban shell snail. I don’t like them. We were the only couple in the restaurant, but there was a big noisy group in the private room. F eavesdropped on them and they were from a political party that he doesn’t like, so all through the meal I had to listen to him grumble about the party. I don’t care personally!

After dinner, we came home and watched last weeks Desperate Housewives. It was quite good, especially when one of the wives got stopped by the police. She had a picnic basket full of things she’d purloined from someone else’s house. Very funny.

At 11 pm we took a seat on the couch to watch American Idol. Tonight was the send off show. I think the right person went home. They had Miley Cyrus sing on the show and I’m glad she’s not a contestant as they’d probably have kicked her off. I’m not a big fan.

Anyway, that’s about it for me. I had a good day. Tomorrow I’m back to work. I’m hoping today’s nice weather holds. It is so nice to have it a little cooler. Night!

*Dadacha-mame are the local version of edamame. They are supposed to be “the king of edamame”!


Mieko said...

Both of you went to a Thai restaurant, didn't you? Actaully my husband and I went to a Thai restaurant last weekend. He loves something "really" hot, on the other hand I don't like them very much. But the Thai restaurant serve both meals. So when he is "desparate " for something hot to eat, we go there. On the day he ordered spicy Thai curry, and I ordered normal "BEA-Foon"(It is japanese).

Well, the word of spicy is completly differet from the word of hot. I love YUZU-KOSYOU.

Helen said...

Actually, we *DIDN'T* go to a Thai restaurant. I like Thai food a lot, the not so spicy stuff, but my husband doesn't like it so much. He does like Tom Yan Kun soup, but it's too spicy for me.

We went to a Japanese restaurant instead, and it was very nice!

I like Yuzu Kosho too....I still have some that you sent me!