October 11, 2010

Monday - Happy Thanksgiving!
Warm and sunny. Lovely day.

Today was a good day. I went to bed last night without taking any medicine, hoping that I’d be able to sleep okay. I did.  I didn’t set any alarms either, hoping that F would wake me up when and if he wanted me to get up. Well, he didn’t!

I got up just before 12 and felt okay. Still stuffed up, but almost back to normal. Hurray for that.  It’s been a while.

F wanted to go out, so we did.  He wanted to go to Sakata again and go to the fish restaurant at the port. We arrived there and went in.  If the place is really famous, it certainly isn’t for its decor or set up. It was set up rather like a cafeteria with mostly tables on tatami and a few shared tables for people who didn’t want to sit on the floor.  

I had a sashimi teishoku lunch which was okay, but not so fabulous in my opinion.  F had a sashimi donburi which he said was really good.  Okay, I wasn’t in the mood for fish, having had it the day before. Anyway, we looked around some of the shops and didn’t buy anything.  

Then F said he wanted to go to the Sakata Tower.  I wasn’t sure it would still be open, but sometimes there’s no stopping my hubby.  We drove out there and marched on up to the tower.  It was still open and we went up.  I had just taken a couple of cold pills and on a full stomach wasn’t too happy, but whatever.  The view was lovely, but because it was so sunny today, the room at the top of the tower was so hot! They had an air conditioner going , but it was really small. 

I took a couple of pictures which I’ll post here for your viewing pleasure! Isn’t that nice of me?

After the tower, F wanted to see some of the Autumn colours in the trees so we drove north to Mount Chokai.  We spent about an hour driving near the top of the mountain and it was really nice.  There wasn’t much evidence of colour changing until we got near the top as it has been so warm this year.  When we did get to an observation point near the top, we were above the clouds and couldn’t see very much of anything! I did get two quite nice pictures, I’ll post the best one for you.

We drove back after this. It was going to be dark soon and I think F wanted his dinner soon.  We decided to stop and have Indian food in Sakata. It wasn’t Indian-Indian food, just a Japanese restaurant’s version of it.  Still it was quite nice. I had a big meal, keema curry, naan, salad, soup and milk tea, but F just had curry and rice.  I think mine was really good, even though I had a bit too much to eat!

We drove back to Tsuruoka and went to S-Mall to get my watch’s band fixed.  It broke yesterday when we were at the movie theatre.  We put it in the repair shop and then went to the 100 yen shop. I bought a few things, all for my school and then it was time to pick up my watch.  Yay. 

We came home via a grocery store.  I was looking for spaghetti squash, but the shop we went to didn’t have any today.  They had some other kinds of squash, but they weren’t what I wanted.  I asked F to check at the other store on his way home tomorrow night.  I hope he remembers. 

We came home and settled in to watch some TV.  I was on my computer when F changed the channel. I was miffed at first, then I realised it was King Kong and I’d been meaning to watch it again.  I enjoyed it a lot.  Of course it had Adrien Brody in it, who is my new movie crush guy.  (Have to get a better name for that!) Anyway, it was fun to watch again.

And that was my day. It was quite a nice way to spend my Thanksgiving.  Night!


mama penguin said...

You now have to convince F to eat more Thai food. ;)

Helen said...

Sadly, he doesn't like much Thai food. He doesn't like the flowery spices. He likes Tom Yan Kum soup, but I don't.

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