October 17, 2010

Sunday - Rainy, clearing, rainy and repeat.

A good day.  I got up to an empty house.  F had gone to get his hair cut. It looks quite good though.  I do have a hard time convincing him to leave his hair just a little bit longer.  When I first met him he always had it buzzed off, but I think it makes him look so much older.  Happily for me, he does seem to like it a little bit longer these days.  

We tried to go for lunch to the buffet at the Farmer’s Market place, but when we got there it was just about over.  The place was packed too. There was going to be a dance performance there but it was pouring so all the dancers and their families were in side.  There were also tour groups coming in too, so really too many people for me.  We had a look around at the food and I spotted kohlrabi, which is a veggie I used to love.  My mum grew it and cooked it, so I got some. It was really cheap, only 110 yen for 4 small ones.  F spotted some bagels so he bought some of them too. Yum.  

We went to Kintaro Sushi for lunch, but not our usual one.  We went to the one that was closest to where we were. It was nice, and not quite as busy as our usual one I think.  

After lunch, F wanted to go for a drive, so off we set.  He wanted to go to Mt. Gassan to see the changing leaves.  Then he noticed the car’s gas was a little low.  Finding a gas station was a bit difficult.  We were outside our city so had to really hunt for one.  Finally we ended up going to a full service one.  We haven’t done that for a while!

Gassed up and ready, we headed over to Mt. Gassan.  I was a bit sleepy so I kept nodding off.  The road wasn’t too busy and we made good time.  We were nearly at the top of the mountain when F exclaimed and told me to look outside.  We couldn’t see anything.  We were probably in a cloud!  He slowed the car to a crawl and a few minutes later we made it to the parking area.  We parked and got out.  We couldn’t see very far at all. 
Mt. Gassan Parking area.  Or the end of the world?
Carefully we walked over to the washrooms and made use of the facilities.  I saw this rather interesting vending machine. 

I’ve never seen one of these before, but think it’s a great idea.  The AED is an automated external defibrillator.

We drove back down the mountain.  I was able to stay awake this time and enjoyed the view until it got dark.  We drove back to Tsuruoka and had a cup of Royal Milk Tea in Doutors.  Then, we went for dinner to Grado. Grado was rather nice today, I had pot au feu, which I don’t really like, but was okay, and F had Shonai pork which he said was nice.  

We came home via the grocery store and then watched Up.  We bought it a few months ago, as the theatres only showed it in Japanese here.  It was so good.  I had tears streaming down my face in the first 10 minutes or so, and again later on.  The whole wordless montage of Karl and Ellie’s life together was so very well done.  I really enjoyed it, and even the extra features on the DVD were great.  The bit about the animators going to Venezuela to see the tepuis was really interesting too.  

Anyway, a very enthusiastic recommendation from me!

That was about it for our day.  Apart from all the rain, it was almost a perfect one!  Night.

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