October 19, 2010

Tuesday - Sunny but cool

A good day. I got up at a reasonable time this morning. There wasn’t any news on, so I checked the email group I moderate and then vegged for a while. I put the covers on the quilts today too. I didn’t do it yesterday. I had planned to ask F to help me, but he was so tired when he got home I didn’t have the heart to ask.

I had a quiet afternoon in…and then left for work a little later than I meant to, but really was okay. I went to the drugstore on the way to work and got something for my niece’s Christmas present. I hope she’ll like it!

I was at the school getting it ready for my first class when my phone rang. My first student had to cancel. Sigh. I put her lesson sheet away and took out a new one for the next student. When my second student came we had quite a good class. We were doing review by way of a crossword puzzle and she didn’t want to stop. I did however, so shooed her out (in the nicest way possible) and then did my paperwork and clean up.

F called me near 9 and I asked him to pick me up. He’d just finished work. Egads. Poor thing. He wanted noodles for dinner but all the places that sold them would be closed by the time we would arrive, so then he suggested a local fish restaurant. We went there, narrowly squeaking in by their last order. We had quite a nice meal. I had tonkatsu and F had fish. Both were fine.

We hit the grocery store on the way home. I’ll make dinner tomorrow, despite me telling F all I was going to cook was hot dogs!

We watched American Idol and rather enjoyed it. It was the goodbye show and then the top 4 show. It was quite good.

And that’s it. It was a fairly decent day. I’m off work tomorrow, but may go to the bank to pay a bill.

Talk to you later. Night.

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