October 25, 2010

- Cooler and cloudy. A little rain at night.

An okay day. I woke up early this morning…before my alarm even at 8 am. F was up already. He’d taken out the garbage so he was reclining on the couch. I got dressed and a little before 9 we headed to the doctor’s office.

We waited there for ages. It was at least an hour. I’m not sure why going early is such a good thing…I think it’s more for F than anything else. I had a quick examination, followed by an X-ray and then I was told that I don’t have pneumonia. Okay. The doctor also was on my case about something he recommended last time. Thing was, I don’t think it had any bearing on my cough, so really, not interested at the moment.

I got my meds and then F and I went to Gusto for a cheap and cheerful breakfast. We squeaked in just before their breakfast ended. At Gusto I wanted to have their big breakfast, but I hate fried eggs so got F to ask if they’d scramble them for me. Apparently not. Good grief. Any restaurant in Canada that serves eggs would be happy to change the egg cooking method. Not Gusto.

We came home and after a while on my computer, I went to bed and slept. And slept more. I finally got up a little before 5 pm. F had a big sleep on the couch and it wasn’t until 7 something that I got him roused for dinner.

We had a quick dinner at New York, New York and then came home via a couple of grocery stores. We bought stuff for tomorrow’s dinner. I’m not sure about it. It’s going to be yakiniku, but I don’t think F got enough.

I emailed the students I teach tomorrow and asked them to not come tomorrow night. I’m not in great condition yet and I’m not sure about riding my bike to the school. Sigh. I don’t want to cancel, but I’m in a bit of pain still so think I’d better.

And that was about it. We watched Tim Gunn’s Fashion show and then the rest of The Holiday.

F went to bed and I’m going there soon too. I’m quite tired, the medicine is supposed to make me that way.

Talk to you later…hopefully when I get my cough back! Night.


Sherry said...

You asked to change something? I'm suprised they haven't reported you to the authorities. You'll probably be deported any day now.

Helen said...

I know! I'm checking the doors carefully . If anyone rings that I don't know, I won't open the door!