October 26, 2010

Tuesday - Rainy at night. (I didn’t go out.)

I took a sick day today and totally milked it. I did get up around 9 though, watched the news, had breakfast and took my medicine. I watched a bit of TV from the weekend and played on my computer for a while, before going back to bed and sleeping for a couple of hours. The medicine makes me quite sleepy.

I got up again around 3 and had lunch. I took more medicine, but this time didn’t fall asleep. I also watched a bit more TV.

F came home around 6. It was nice to see him. He started making supper quite soon after he arrived. That surprised me as I thought it was going to be a joint effort, but it was okay. He stir-fried the veggies and cooked the meat and we had dinner. He also made instant miso soup. It was all a bit too much food, but it was nice to have dinner cooked for me. He even did dishes afterwards.

We had a relaxing evening together. F put on the TV and found Little Miss Sunshine so we watched that together. It was fun. We’ve seen it before and even have the DVD, but it’s such an odd movie really. Good actors in it!

11:00 brought American Idol. F and I watched it. I did a bit of work on my hat. I made a couple of pompoms for the strings and then sewed them on. It looks quite cute. I hope the person who receives it likes it.

F went to bed and I stayed up a bit. I think I’m going to go to bed soon as I’m tired, even though I didn’t do anything today!

That’s it. Good night!

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