October 28, 2010

Thursday - Cold and rainy

An okay day. I overslept a bit this morning but didn’t care too much. I got up, did my computer stuff and then took a shower.

I ate breakfast and later on lunch. Yay me. I don’t usually eat two meals anymore as I am a bit lazy, but I’m supposed to eat before I have my medicine.

I caught up with a few programmes that I had on tape today and then left for work. It was raining, but luckily it was more of a drizzle when I left the apartment. I made good time to the school and got busy when I was there.

My classes went quite well and I think the students and I enjoyed them. Yay.

When I finished I did some paperwork and then read Sunday’s paper. I like to read the British pages, always seem more interesting than the US ones to me. F texted me after a while, so I called him back and he picked me up.

We had dinner at Cocos tonight. I had the pork cutlet which was nice and he had a Japanese dish. The one with egg and rice in soup. Afterwards we shared a Halloween Mud Pie. I’m glad that we shared it rather than each getting one as it was quite big and I don’t think it would have done either of us any good!

We came home and watched ER. I’m interested in the new doctor played by Angela Bassett. I loved her in Strange Days, a movie that me and about 3 other people saw. She used Tae Kwon Do on a mugger and that made me think about my sister. My sister has a black belt in TKD (not a mugger!)

That’s about it really. I started a book I received from a friend after I blogged last night. It’s a bit odd, but intriguing. I’ll see how it goes before I comment more about it.

Got to go. Night!

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