October 5, 2010

Tuesday - rainy and cooler

I got up at a reasonable time today. News was on. Hurray! Unfortunately I fell asleep on it, but had the foresight to tape it first and watched it later.

When I woke myself up I started the dinner prep. I did up a marinade for the lamb chops and then set them in the fridge to marinate for the day.

I showered and then basically had a quiet afternoon. I watched a lot of the TV from the weekend and enjoyed most of it. Around 4 I started cooking my meal and I left about half past five for my school. I got a call from a student just as I was leaving the apartment.

I made good time over to the school and when I was there I redecorated a bit. I took down a lot of the more summery flowers and put up some fall colours and my Halloween stuff. It looks rather festive now.

My class went well and afterwards I did paperwork, cleaned up a bit and read a couple of newspapers. I called F and he seemed surprised to hear from me. He came and picked me up.
He did ask me where I wanted to go, so I told him to take me home!

At home I prepped the asparagus and got the lamb into the grill. F did make coffee for us. Dinner was really nice. The lamb was medium rare to medium and quite delicious. The asparagus had a nice bite to it and the salad was fine. F did the dishes afterwards.

At 11 pm we watched American Idol. It was quite good tonight. I thought many of the performances were excellent. When it finished, F watched The Dog Whisperer but they only showed it in Japanese so I was a bit annoyed. Oh well.

And that’s about it for my day. I’m really tired again and I really should get to bed soon. Got to go. Night.

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