October 6, 2010

Wednesday - cooler and cloudy

Today I designated a lazy day and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I slept a little late, didn’t do a whole lot, watched a bit of TV and relaxed. Yay for me.

I watched 3:10 to Yuma this afternoon. It is a Russell Crowe/Christian Bale film and was quite good. I lost the plot a bit near the end, so would like to see it again some day.

After F came home tonight we went out for dinner. We had tonkatsu at the usual place, then bought a few groceries before coming home.

We watched American Idol tonight. Well, I did, F watched about half and then went to bed. He has a busy day tomorrow. Tonight AI was the “Idol Gives Back” one. I’ve never seen one of those before, didn’t really like it. I like the idea, just don’t like watching appeal for money shows.

And that’s my day. Tomorrow I have 3 classes in the evening and a few things to get done before then, so I won’t be able to laze around as much! Night.

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