October 7, 2010

Thursday - Warm and sunny.

An okay day today except for one thing. I’m sick! Wah. Last night my throat started hurting a lot and today it is worse. I don’t really have a runny nose yet, but I think I will soon. I hate being sick. Boo!

I got up at a fairly decent time this morning, showered and then got on line. I watched a bit of TV today, Rain Man was on and as always I was suckered in. Tom Cruise is really good in that role. Dustin Hoffman has the flashy role, but if Tom Cruise wasn’t good in his bit, Dustin wouldn’t have seemed as good as he did.

I went off to work a little early today and vacuumed the school. I did a bit of cleaning too, and then waited for my student. He came, in his school uniform. Wow! I’ve never seen him all dressed up before and he looked quite grown up. I’ve been teaching this lad since he was about 8 so he’s gone through quite a lot of changes. We had a good class today.

I had a break and then two more classes. I kind of broke one of my rules today and I had a cup of tea in my middle class. It really was because of my throat, I wanted something soothing for it. I often have tea in my last class of the day with my adult student as she doesn’t mind and she’s drinking tea too, but I never do in my other student’s classes. After work I finished my paperwork and then called F to pick me up.

We had a cheap and cheerful dinner at New York New York and then came home via the gas station. We started watching ER, the season premiere of season 15 just came on. Oh my goodness, what a tearjerker. I was crying so much in the middle of the show. I think everything was handled very well in the episode though.

And that was it for my day. I’m going to try to get to bed a few minutes early to get more sleep…although I’m not sure that I can sleep.

Gotta go. Night!

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