October 9, 2010

Saturday - Cooler and rainy

Today was a reasonable day. I wasn’t sure for a while if it would be, but turned out nicely. I asked F to pick up some tissues for me on the way home from his doctors and he ended up going to 3 different drugstores just to find my brand. Oh dear. I thought they were available everywhere! It makes such a difference on my poor nose to have the lotion tissues though.

My early class today had cancelled so I didn’t have to be at the school for hours. F asked me where I wanted to eat and I told him in all honesty that I didn’t care. I can’t smell anything and I’m not hungry right now. My cold has completely stopped my appetite. He got mad at me, but I really didn’t know why. After a bit of kerfuffle we settled on going to the soba chain restaurant. I didn’t really want to go there, but figured that having noodles might make him happy and I could get something approximating soup. F wasn’t too happy with his food, but mine was fine. I enjoyed the soba and the sushi I had with it.

After a couple of hours back at home I asked F to drive me over to my school. He did and I set to work. I didn’t have a lot to do, just putting away dishes and checking on today’s lesson, but I wanted to make sure that it got done. I used the extra time to read the newspapers from the last couple of days.

My student came and we had quite a good class. Her mother showed up at the end to pick her up and we were both playing a game. I was a bit surprised when her mum rang the bell!

I tidied up, did a lot of filing and then called F to come and pick me up. He did and we went to Togashi, the yakiniku restaurant for dinner. I had tamago soup which was quite nice, and good for my cold, along with some yakiniku.

When we came home I watched Kyle XY which was a strange show and then Top Gear. I thought it was really funny as the three presenters came to Japan and had a race across Japan, trains & buses versus a Japanese Car. The car won, but only barely.

I also watched House, so I really got to watch a lot of TV tonight. F went to bed fairly early so I didn’t have to watch any of his stuff.

Anyway, that’s it for me. I really should get to bed soon. I am rather tired and my nose is still plugged up. I’ll have to take some medicine to get any sleep.

Talk to you tomorrow night, most likely. Night!

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