September 30, 2010

Thursday - Warm and sunny

An okay day today. I did oversleep a bit, but not like yesterday. I also managed to shower earlier today too. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me these days, I just feel run down. I feel a bit like I need a good dose of tonic to make me feel better!

I had a fairly quiet afternoon at home, I wrote a bit of email, and just relaxed as much as possible.

I went over to the school before 4 pm and made good time. I set up and when my student came we had a good lesson. He hadn’t been around for a bit as he had some sports thing. All of my classes today went fairly well. We had some good conversations.

After work, F called me and I was ready to go, so he came over. That was nice as we went to a restaurant earlier than usual for Thursday. We drove over to Moku Moku and had pasta. I had salmon cream which was nice, and F had chicken and eggplant in a wafu (Japanese) sauce.

We bought groceries at MaxValu afterwards. We’re going to have steak tomorrow night. I’ve not really cooked steak, so I’m afraid of mucking it up. Any one have any tips for me?

We came home and had a really quiet evening, before F went to bed. I had planned to watch a bit of TV, but reconsidered. Sleep might be smarter!

Anyway, I’ll most likely update tomorrow night, but I’ll be away this weekend in Sendai. Don’t miss me too much! Night.


Orchid64 said...

I've had those times when I wake up feeling a little rundown everyday. Often, it means a cold is lurking and hoping to manifest. Hopefully, that's not the case for you, but the recent weather change from very hot for days to cool often brings on a cold.

Take care, and I hope you feel better soon!

Helen said...

Thanks Orchid! It might be a cold as I thought I almost had one before I left for my holiday. I hope not, but...

Thanks for commenting :-)