November 1, 2010

Monday - Warm, then cool and rainy. Now windy.

I had a weird morning. I got up before my alarm, after going to bed really late last night. When I got up I discovered that F had left his cell phone behind. His cell phone is usually glued to his hand, so I thought he’d be missing it a lot.

I stayed up for a while and then went back to bed. I set my alarm, and didn’t plan to sleep all morning or anything. Well, I get back to bed and just fall asleep when F’s phone rang. I left it. Then, a few minutes later, the apartment phone rang. I heard F’s voice on the answering machine so I answered it of course. He gave me his office number in case I needed him in an emergency and then rang off. I went back to bed and this time, closed the door. His phone did go off one more time, but it wasn’t as noisy as the demolition going on next door to our apartment. There’s an old apartment building being torn down next to our building and it’s so noisy. Argh.

I got up finally and watched Tim Gunn’s Fashion show. I don’t know what it’s really called, but was good today. A vet who was getting married wanted a makeover. She needed one! They did a good job and she looked great too. I usually agree with Tim’s points of style re fit and proportion. I’m afraid to go through my closet and do the same though!

In the afternoon I had brunch and watched some of the weekend’s TV. I finally saw what happened to Violet’s baby on Private Practice. It was an interesting show. I also worked on my movie column and got it done. Whew! I sent it in to the editor as well.

When F came home he wanted to go out for soba….that’s what he’s said for the last 3 days in a row. I told him bluntly that I feel if I let him have soba one day, it’ll be ramen the next and the udon the day after, or some permutation of that. He sort of promised that it wouldn’t, so I said okay. I don’t like the soba place he does because I have to sit on the floor and listen to F and the master of the shop talk about me. Hate that. However when we got there, it was closed. Oh too bad.

We went to a buffet place at a spa nearby. We’ve gone for lunch before and it’s been okay, tonight we were the only customers and it was a bit meh. F liked it less than I did. I didn’t like all the fried food to be honest.

We did a little grocery shopping and then made a mad dash to the drug store, getting there with 2 minutes to spare. F needed something desperately.

We came home and while he was out of the room, I discovered that A Walk to Remember was on. I’d never seen it, and had always heard about it, so watched it. It was trying to be weepy, but I didn’t care enough about the characters to fall for it!

After that, it was Hell’s Kitchen for us. Boy, does Gordon Ramsey swear a lot. Even more than me! He’s a bit of a bully methinks. I rounded out the evening’s TV with That 70’s Show.
So, now I’m done.

Tomorrow I have to work, and if I’m nice, I’ll go over a bit early and try to get started on my tax stuff. It’s a big if at the moment! Night.

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Rachel said...

I LOVE 'That 70's Show'!

How about a column on classic gritty realist 70's movies? Or remakes of 70's TV shows? Or glam fluffy 70's movies like Xanadu (heard the song in a shop last week, and it's still spinning in my head!)