November 10, 2010

Wednesday - Cloudy with some rain.

An okay day really. I got up at a reasonable time and watched the news this morning, then I ended up watching 30 Days. It was an episode about binge drinking. It’s hard to believe that college students drink so much. When I went to college, I went to a dry campus…no alcohol allowed, so yes students drank, but not on school grounds. I went out with my friends but I didn’t drink all that much, and I certainly never passed out. The young people on the show seemed to make passing out their goal. Urgh.

During the day I made French Toast for my brunch and then decided to risk going out in the afternoon.

I headed off to Athena, a usually interesting shop in a mall I rarely visit. It was cold bicycling, but honestly not too bad. I did have a nice experience along the way. At the lights I waited to cross and a lady came the other way on her bike. I moved my bike slightly out of her way and she actually thanked me. It’s unusual for me to get thanked by people, they are often so surprised that I’m a foreigner they forget their manners. I also had a couple of people saying hello. Wow!

Anyway, Athena wasn’t that great today. I didn’t see anything that would make a good present and it seemed like the store was shrinking. Sigh. I do hope not.

I went into the Daiso in the mall proper and bought a couple of crochet hooks. I was missing the sizes in my collection. I snooped around the mall, but didn’t buy anything else except a quick drink at McDonalds.

After I finished I was debating going home or going on to S-Mall, but decided it would be prudent to go home. The clouds were still ominous and it was getting dark. An hour or two in a mall wouldn’t help much.

I got home quite quickly and spent more time on my computer.

F phoned me around 7 and then came home. We decided to go out to the drugstore as I needed some headache medicine. Lately I’ve been getting some nasty headaches at night. I also needed some things for the apartment.

After the drugstore we went to Cafe Framboise. It had been ages since we went there, but it hadn’t changed. We had a nice meal. I had minute steak and F had the Japanese set which also had steak. We were quite pleased with our meals.

We came home and had a quiet evening. We watched most of Pulp Fiction and then So You Think You Can Dance and it was fun. There were some really good dancers and some terrible ones!

So that was my day. Tomorrow I’m back to work, with my class a little earlier. I hope I can get out of here in time. Wish me luck with that. Night!


JY said...

I'm lurking via someone's (i-forgot-whose) blog. Kudos for posting every day! I am also in Japan, in the Shizuoka area. It's nice to meet you...even via blogville. I'd like to find a place here that had steak...

Helen said...

Try French (or pseudo French) restaurants for steak! They seem to have the best steak, at least around here.

I've been blogging so long that it's a habit now...I don't sleep well unless I blog.

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting :-)