November 11, 2010

Thursday - Remembrance Day - Clear and sunny. Cold.

Today was okay. I woke up around 8 am again and got up to check my email and such. Ended up going back to bed and sleeping a bit longer. Got up later than I wanted, watched the news and discovered that Confessions of a Shopaholic was on. I watched it again and enjoyed it. The cast is very good, lots of British actors in it.

Had a quiet day at home really. Ended up watching most of 2001: A Space Odyssey. I didn’t get bored at it this time, although sadly I missed the last few minutes of the movie. I’ll try to catch it next time it’s on.

Around 3 I started getting ready for work and a bit before 4 I left the apartment. I had a lovely bike ride to work and was there early for a change.

I spent a few minutes getting ready at my school and setting things up for the day. I reviewed my teaching notes and then when my student came we had a good class.

After a busy break in which I did planning for two classes, my second student came. We had a good lesson and have all but wrapped up the unit we are on.

After my clean up, I called F and we went to Grado for dinner. He was very tired tonight. Poor thing. He had said he was going to order the same dish as me, but when the waiter arrived ordered something totally different and then didn’t realise he had until it arrived. He did do something right for me, he helped me book a table for my school bonnenkai/Christmas party. It’s going to be terribly small, me and two students, but we’ll enjoy ourselves. Both ladies are very talkative and it’ll be a good chance for them to socialise in English.
F and I hit the grocery store for some food. I decided to cook tomorrow after all. It’s going to be simple though, just chicken vegetable soup. I’ll have to try and get it together early on for a change. Good thing I finished my laundry today!

We had an enjoyable evening together and then I watched ER. F started watching it but fell asleep.

Tomorrow I have some soup to make (hurray for slow cookers) then I hope to go out if the weather is decent. I have a couple of Christmas presents that I want to look for at the very least. That’s it for me. Night!


JY said...

You do know that 11/11 is pocky day??? LOL... Hubs and my kid went out and bought some pockys. You'd think if they were going to make some stupid holiday out of it they would sell pockys for a discount on that day.... hmmmm.....

Helen said...

Actually, I had no idea it was Pocky Day! For me, Remembrance Day is just a little more important.

If I had known about Pocky Day, I might have bought some!