November 12, 2010

- Intermittent showers.

I woke up late this morning, I’m not sure why, but I did. I got up, watched the news and got ready to cook.

I spent a couple of hours in the kitchen making my soup. I did a lot of peeling, chopping and parboiling. I threw all the ingredients in my slow cooker, turned it up to high for a bit and then left it alone.

In the afternoon I decided that I wanted to go out. I had been planning to all day, but needed to get my soup on the go first. When I first decided to go out there was a horrible rain storm, so I waited for a bit.

When I tried to go again it had cleared up. I went to a book store first and then on to the mall. At the mall I did a lot of looking around. I got a couple of things at the hundred yen shop, and I saw a few things at other shops, but really didn’t buy that much. I got a few things in the grocery store, then called F to see if he was finished work yet. He wasn’t, so I decided to go home by myself if it wasn’t raining.

I hopped on my bike and came home. The ride was decent, but it started to rain about halfway home. Coincidentally, it was also the time that F called me to say he was done work and was now on his way home. Gah! I’m not talented like young Japanese people and I can’t talk to people on the phone and ride a bike at the same time, so I got off to talk to him.

I made it home a few minutes before F, checked my email and then went into the kitchen to get the rest of the meal ready. Tonight’s meal was quite simple. We had chicken and vegetable soup with warmed French bread and butter. Yum. The soup was really good. I was quite pleased with it.
F had noticed that Twilight was on TV tonight, so he said he’d like to see it. My niece is a huge fan of Twilight, and while I’ve seen the first two movies and read the books, I know F doesn’t know much about it. At 9 we turned on the TV to watch it and…it was horrible. I’m not a big fan, but the TV channel had somehow mooshed the first two (and possibly three) movies together. They cut out many scenes and abbreviated others. It just didn’t make sense. I knew what was going on because I’d read the books, but F was lost. He went to bed on it and I changed the channel to WOWOW and watched Inglourious Basterds. Even though it was mainly in French and German, I enjoyed it. I had seen it before, so I had a good idea what was happening. F got up for a while, but then went back to bed.
When the Tarantino finished, another movie came on that was an Italian movie with a mostly American cast called Inglorious Bastards. The channels been running movies that inspired Tarantino. I watched it and it was schlocky, but kind of cool.

And that’s it for my day. Tomorrow I’m back to work, but will go out in the middle of my day. I need to buy an airplane ticket back from Haneda airport when I come back to Japan. Wish me luck!


doraepam said...

I didn't like the movie either. I haven't read the books though. Are they worth a read?

JY said...

Havent read or seen. Does that make me the only person who hasn't?
So are you going to make a trip back home? Lucky you! I'm looking forward to the easier availability thru Haneda instead of going all the way out to Narita...though the prices will be higher...

Helen said...

In my opinion, no! But, I'm not really the proper audience for them! Kate, my niece is a younger teen and she is crazy about them. I think they are badly written to the point of boredom, but I have to admit that I read them all in quite a short period of time.

A friend really liked them, I didn't. I thought they were very preachy and every time something exciting seemed about to happen, it didn't. Urgh.

Thanks for commenting :-)

Helen said...

JY, You may be the only person who hasn't read Twilight...but I don't think so! I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. They aren't that good, so I wouldn't worry about it!

I hope that some day I could go back to Canada via Haneda, it would make my life so much easier, but I don't think it'll happen.

Going to Hong Kong this year via Haneda was a lot easier for us.

Thanks for commenting!