November 13, 2010

Saturday - Clear and sunny.

A good day. I watched the news this morning, then took a quick shower so I could be back in time to watch Grey’s Anatomy. Oh dear, the things those docs get up to!

F and I had a nice brunch in Cocos. I had a burger with a chicken cutlet, an egg and curry sauce. It worked somehow! He dropped me off at my school and that was that.

My student and her mum came on time and they were quite happy about something. My student had just passed the Eiken 4 English exam. She’s still in elementary school, so apparently this is really a big deal! All I know is she’s doing really well in my classes.

We had a good class and then she was off. I did a few things around the school and then called F.

He picked me up and we drove to S-Mall. He bought me my last plane ticket, the one coming back to Tsuruoka. Yay. I suggested that he park behind the mall, but he drove past all the parking and drove to the top of the mall, through the parkade. ACK. I was quite sick by the time we go to the top and I didn’t really notice the car had stopped moving when F parked. I do not like going round in circles in a car.

After we got my ticket we had a tea or coffee in Doutors and then F drove me back to my school.

At the school I read the newspapers and checked my lesson for the evening. I also did a puzzle and contemplated doing a Christmas card, but didn’t. Sigh.

My student came on time and we had a good lesson too. She’s funny, but she doesn’t like to talk much. We were talking about life experiences and as she’s still a bit young, it makes it a bit hard for her. Still, was a fun class I think.

After class and clean up, I called F and asked him to come and get me. While I waited for him, I got a few Christmas decorations out of the closet and set them up.

Tonight we had dinner in Hana, a local Japanese & fish restaurant. I had gindara, which was very nice, just too small. F had sashimi.

We came home and had a quiet evening. I watched Top Gear of course, and also Burn Notice. I think I like Burn Notice. It isn’t a CSI show…thankfully! Will keep watching for a while…besides it had Bruce Campbell in it, so I kind of have to keep watching!

That’s it. I’m up too late, but I’m enjoying chilling out for a bit. F and I decided that we’re going to a goodbye party next month for a friend of ours. We’ll have to stay over in a hotel so that could be fun, I hope!

Got to go. Night!

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