November 14, 2010

Sunday - Cloudy, but not rainy

An odd day that was quite productive.

This morning F got up early and drove to Yamagata to see about renewing his license. I slept on. I would have gone with him but there really wasn’t anything for me to do while he was doing his renewal stuff.

He emailed around 11 to say he was on his way back. I was up, but went back to bed soon after. I was tired!

When he came back I was sleeping but woke up right away. He offered to take me out for brunch, but I thought I’d make breakfast at home for us. However, I was in the kitchen and I saw a cobweb over the stove. Obviously I wasn’t going to start cooking while it was there. I planned to clean it, but F came into the kitchen and did a not very good job of cleaning it up. I’m not sure why he did that. I decided that I wasn’t going to cook any more so F left. He buggered off for the next 3 hours.

While he was gone I vacuumed the apartment and also tackled the genkan. It was about time. F had some bags of junk that he’d stowed there for ages. It was literally the garbage from his car, stuffed into the cubby hole. I moved his bags of stuff for him to deal with later and I threw out a lot of paper and detritus.

When he came back I asked him to take care of his stuff, which he did. Yay. The genkan looks so much better.

We went out for sushi after a lot of arguing and then did some shopping. I had quite good luck today and I think I’ve got most of my family stuff bought now. I may have to fill in a few holes here and there, but basically done. Whew!

We came home for a while, watched X-Men Origins-Wolverine or whatever it’s called. It was just as not great this time too. I was hoping that not being on the plane would make it better. It didn’t.

We had a late, quick and not terrific meal at Gusto. I had steak and it was okay, F’s beef dish wasn’t hot enough. We came home and had some quiet time until F decided to put on sports. Ack.

Tomorrow F is at work and I’m off. I’m thinking about going out if the weather is nice, mostly cause I don’t want to stay home all day.

These days, F and I seem to have two subjects that we fight about and it is driving me crazy. We fight about food and we fight about sleep.

I don’t like Japanese noodles. Ever since I did two or three years on low carb I realised how bad they are for me and I just am not interested in eating them. The instant ones are horrible and the ones in the restaurants always taste the same. F says he can eat anything, which he does, but he complains about everything. I’ve rarely had a meal out with him these days where something doesn’t annoy him.

And sleep. If I go to bed at the same time as him, I’m not happy. I’m a night owl and like to stay up. It’s a great time to catch my friends in Canada on-line and I have some other things I like to do. When I go to bed I’m very quiet and F doesn’t usually wake up. However, in his mind he can’t sleep until I’m there (his snoring says otherwise). And speaking of snoring. Apparently, I snore so loudly that I wake him up. Recently I’ve found him on the couch sleeping, because of me-he says. Add in to that the news I got today that before I wake up to go to the washroom I roll around in bed for a bit, and I get really annoyed with him. I’ve suggested that we sleep in different rooms which honestly, to me sounds heavenly, but he gets upset. After all his kvetching, he tells me that he loves the way I sleep. Yeah, right. I’m starting to get a complex. Big time.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’m not planning to go to bed until I’ve done all the things I want to do. Night.


JY said...

aaah... married bliss... LOL!
sounds similar..where have I heard those stories before... hmmm

Orchid64 said...

My husband is a night owl, and I fall asleep relatively early, but we go to bed at the same time. One of the things which allows us to manage this is mobile technology (he uses his iPad or MacBook in bed next to me) and a white noise machine. The machine masks the sounds of what he is doing so I fall asleep despite incidental noises (clicking and typing, or his shifting in bed).

The white noise machine allows us to be in bed at the same time, but not have to actually go to sleep at the same time. I don't know if it'd help you two, but it's worth considering.

When I have a cold, I can snore rather disruptively, so I always sleep on the sofa when I'm sick. I don't think the white noise machine covers up that. ;-)

Helen said...

Orchid, I think the cold that I just had hasn't helped with the snoring thing either. I'm still a bit stuffed up at night.

Unfortunately F has been extremely lax at getting our apartment set up for wi-fi, so at the moment I wouldn't be able to be on the net and in bed at the same time. To be honest, I wouldn't want to be anyway.

I think I'm just getting tired of all of the criticism. Unfortunately I'm not able to do anything about the snoring and I am not willing to go to bed before _I_ want to!