November 15, 2010

Monday - Bit of rain, mostly clear and cool.

I got up late this morning. Sigh. But, once I was up, I was up! There was news on this morning too, which was unusual. NHK doesn’t show it on Monday mornings to my knowledge.

I watched Tim Gunn’s Fashion show. It was about a woman with too much in her closet. A bit like me really. I should really ditch a bunch of stuff!

Watched the weekend’s TV during the day and then decided to go out around 4. That was late, but I didn’t care. I went to a couple of stationery shops. It was a little difficult to get to them as the road was being worked on as I walked or rode by. I got some nice things in one store, in the other I saw a lot of nice things, but I didn’t buy anything. Sadly for me, I saw a lot of Christmas cards that were nicer and cheaper than the ones I bought already. Bummer!

I came home around 5:30 or so and F called around 6:30, reaching here around 7. I had made up my mind that I would pick a couple of types of food that I would like to eat and offer those to him as his choices for tonight, seeing as how he told me off for making him pick the restaurant. When I told him I wanted either okonomiyaki or pasta, he didn’t say much, then a few minutes later mumbled something under his breath like, “but I really want to have soba”. I lost it at that point, told him I didn’t know how to respond to that and went out for a walk. It was probably the best thing I could have done as I got to take out my frustration in a physical, healthy way. I bought myself a can of Diet Coke and came home. The kicker? When I came back inside, F was surprised I’d gone out. He thought I was in the toilet!

We went for okonomiyaki and we had the place to ourselves tonight. Usually it’s quite busy, but not tonight. I had my favourite, curry and cheese, and F had shrimp and ika tempura. He also had oden to start and I had some gyoza.

After dinner, a few groceries were bought and then we came home. F immediately went into the bedroom and had a lie-down. I went in for a cuddle, then got up to do some other things. He’s still there. He missed Hell’s Kitchen and is still in his jeans and jacket I think.

Tomorrow I have a busier day. I have two night time classes at the school and I may have to get myself home too. Hubby has to go to Yamagata city for a meeting. He’s so happy to be going - not! He might be really late tomorrow, he isn’t sure.

And that’s about it for me. I’m not that tired yet, although I could probably sleep if I wanted to. Maybe I’ll go to bed early tonight? Night.


JY said...

Okomiyaki is something I haven't had in awhile. Good for you on the Christmas cards! I haven't sent any in who knows how long... bad me!

mama penguin said...

In the toilet? All that time? I wish I could have seen F's face when you walked through the door. Priceless.

Helen said...

I send Christmas Cards every year. I send a lot less now than I did when I first came over, but I try for every year!

Yep! He did look rather surprised when I came back into the living room with my can of diet coke and my face all red from the cold!

Thanks for commenting, both of you!