November 16, 2010

Tuesday - Cloudy and rainy.

Happy Birthday to my sister Vanessa!

Had a good day today. I woke up in fairly good time this morning, joined F on the couch and watched the news. Hurray. He took a shower and I made a bit of breakfast. It was just English muffins with ham and cheese, but it was nice. I was also glad to send F off to work with a little bit of food in him.

I spent a quiet day at home. I watched Drop Dead Diva and quite enjoyed it. It’s a cute little show.

Around 3 pm I started to get ready for work. I left a little later than I wanted to, around 4:20 and it was already quite dark out there. Yikes. I rode my bike and I was going to go to the drug store, but the clouds were ominous and then it started to rain just a little. I decided I’d better go to work. I did that instead.

At my school I worked on getting things done. I’d left a bunch of decorations on my table on Saturday, so I put them up and took down some of my other decorations. I’m decorating for Christmas now. I usually wait until December, but I’m leaving in one month, so I wanted to do things now!

My first student cancelled her class just a little before the time, although we did schedule a class for her later in the week. I used her class time to read the paper and talk to my husband. He phoned me at 6:30 tonight and said he was leaving Yamagata and would be home around 8pm.

My other class went well. The student had her hair cut this weekend and looked very cool. I’ve never seen her with short hair before. We got to work and started the next unit of her text. Yay.

After class I finished my paperwork and then I finished reading the newspaper. F called me a bit before 9 and asked if I was finished. I wasn’t and asked for a few more minutes. He picked me up a little later.

We had a not great dinner in Midori Shokudo. It was okay, but a bit too big and gingery for me. It was fairly reasonable though.

Came home via the grocery store where we got some things for dinner tomorrow night. I’m thinking simple ol’ pasta!

We watched So You Think You Can Dance. It was good, but a bit sad to see some people’s dreams being dashed. I did a lot of crocheting during the show. Yay! I think I’m going to have to put in more couch time in to get it done in time.

And that’s about it. F went to bed and I’m still up a bit blogging. I’m going to try and get off to bed soon, because I want to get some sleep. Got to go. Night!


JY said...

I remember when I did English Conversation classes and work started in the PM. The good ole days! Now my work schedule is all over the place and no weekends too! aargh!

Helen said...

Yikes! I think that must be hard. I like having days off and weekends....although I do work Saturdays.

When I was busier at the school I did have a work schedule all over the place too, but I did have control of my schedule.

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