November 19, 2010

Friday - Sunny.

I had an okay, if very quiet day today. I didn’t go out at all. I wanted to, and even planned to, but just didn’t make out the door.
I got up early again and watched the news. After that, I caught the end of a Chris Cooper movie and watched that for a while before going to the bedroom and making the bed. Actually though, what I did was look at the bed. Decided I wanted to be in said bed, got in and promptly fell asleep for a bit. Oh well. I finally woke up when the heater sounded its three hour alarm. I had a really cool dream, which eludes me at the moment. I think it was about Prom for some reason. Not my Prom, but a nice one like they have on TV!

During the day I read a lot of email. Towards the end of the day calmer heads were prevailing and things seem to be sorting themselves out. Sadly, some people have jumped on the complaints wagon and have muddied the water even more. Sigh.

I had planned to go out and mail something or go and get my hair cut. I did neither! I just stayed home.

Around 5 I decided to get things started for dinner. I washed the nabe, set the table and washed and prepped the broccoli.

F didn’t come home for a bit. It was around 7 pm that he walked in the door. At first he didn’t want to eat right away, and then he did. He did most of the work for our meal, I made coffee. Tonight we had the curry nabe and it was nice. I really liked it. He added some cheese to the top and it added a little something.

I did the dishes afterward, which wasn’t a lot of work. Hurray for nabe!

In the evening I had sort of planned to watch Orphan on WOWOW, but then F found an old Harry Potter movie on TV so we watched that instead. I’d much rather watch HP than a horror movie, especially after all the happenings of the last couple of days!

And that was about it. F is snoozing in bed, and I might head there soon. Or not!

That’s it for me. Night.