November 2, 2010

Tuesday - Rainy, with thunder and lightning in the daytime

A weird day. I didn’t sleep well last night. It was rainy last night, and noisy with it, so I just couldn’t get to sleep properly. I got up this morning and ended up watching an Arnie movie. I’d seen it before, but liked it.

I had an okay and quiet day, except I did steam my cauliflower for dinner. I think I over cooked it as it was really soft.

I decided to head off to work a little early so I could get a start on F’s silly old paperwork. When I left the apartment, the rain had slowed down a bit, but about 5 minutes later the skies opened on me. Sigh. I got so wet. From my thighs down was soaked, as were the arms of my jacket, where the rain cape didn’t cover them. Instead of making a quick trip to the store, I decided to just go to work.

I got there, and once inside the apartment, peeled off the wet clothing. I hung it up to dry in the shower and then got on with my day. I swept the school and as I prepped for classes I noticed I’d received a message from a student. She couldn’t come. Sigh. She’d sent it before I left home, but I hadn’t seen it.

I got myself sorted on the bookkeeping and brought it up as far as September before I had to stop and clean up for my class. Then, I got a call from the student. She was busy at work and couldn’t come. Oh dear! I used my extra time to finish up my paperwork and then I read some recent newspapers.

After 8 I called F and asked him to come and get me, and bring me some dry shoes! I’d managed to get my pants dry enough to wear, but I didn’t do that for my shoes. He came and we went home.

As it was raining really hard again, I told him to leave my bike in the car. Tomorrow is a holiday…maybe he’ll be able to do it in the daylight for a change.

I started making dinner while he took a nap, but he did help me with the cheese sauce. I’d bought a gratin sauce pack and adapted it for cauliflower. I broke up the cauliflower into florets and added the cheese sauce, put some shredded cheese on top and then some crushed cracker crumbs. While it baked I cooked the chicken and set the table.

F came when everything was ready and we ate. The cauliflower gratin got great reviews. It was nice, even if I say so myself. Things I’d do differently next time, is reheat the veggies before I baked them. It took a long time to heat up in my opinion.

After dinner, F disappeared back into the bedroom and into bed. Hmm. He didn’t even offer to do the dishes. I did them. I tried to rouse him once when American Idol came on, but he didn’t wake up. He’s still in his clothes, in bed. Poor guy is exhausted these days. His job is so stressful at the moment.

American Idol was great tonight. I was fair chuffed to see The Bee Gees (or the remaining Bee Gees) on tonight. Paula was on and got a bit weepy, but other than that, a good show.

Since I wasn’t about to go to bed yet, I watched Project Runway and then the silly Models of the Runway. I think I’ll get some sleep as soon as I post this. F will be all genki tomorrow and if I don’t get enough sleep I won’t be!

So, that’s it for me. Night!

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