November 20, 2010

Saturday - Sunny and warmish.

A good day.

I got up a few minutes after 9 and went through to the living room. I turned on the news and watched it. For some reason F decided to make a whole bunch of noise during it. I was not impressed but managed to stop myself yelling at him. Honestly, I get to see about 10-18 minutes of US news on a Saturday morning and he has to make noise all through it? Why? He peeled an apple for us and then made coffee. Neither of which did I want at that time. Grr. I went off and showered and then came back.

Didn’t watch Grey’s this morning as F had some stupid Japanese thing on and didn’t feel like making him change it. I guess I should let him watch what he wants once in a while eh? I did tape Grey’s, so all is not lost!

We went to Gusto for brunch. It was okay. I had my usual, a hamburg and shrimp.

F dropped me off at my school on his way to his Mum’s. He promised to look for my box of photos while he was there.

In my school I got things warmed up and then I did a bit of lesson review. I just missed a call from F saying he couldn’t find my box.

My class went well. The student was in good form and we had fun. After class I talked to F and it seems like my photo box has vanished. I got off the phone and burst into tears. I’ve been asking F to bring that box over from his house for years and now I find it has gone missing. Missing or thrown out by his mother? I wonder. She doesn’t like me, so it would be no skin off her nose if my stuff mysteriously vanished.

Anyway, my other two students came today and we had good lessons too. In my break time I read three papers, did up my financial books and did a bit of prep. Yay me!

After work I called F and he picked me up. We were going to Cocos for dinner, but it was crowded, so we changed our minds and went to Togashi for yakiniku. We only had to wait a couple of minutes and had a good meal.

We came home afterward and had a nice evening in. We watched Top Gear and then I watched Burn Notice. I quite like it, and not just because Bruce Campbell is in it. I like the fact that it’s very different from the usual detective show.

Tomorrow F has to go to his mother’s. Her new appliances will be delivered. I’ll be home sleeping probably! I’m really wondering what happened to my photos. I wanted to go over there much earlier to get stuff, but F never let me. Sigh. Those are photos from my first 3 years in Japan, and some of my photos that I brought over from Canada, so I really hope they aren’t gone forever. I can’t replace them.

Anyway, I should go. It’s very late now and I’m tired. Night!


jy said...

That live with mine... so there you have it in a nutshell...
Here it's the opposite...I have been accused of giving away her china cups to her asking me..."have you seen my xxx-colored apron?" I would know....!!??

Helen said...

We used to live with the MIL but it was bad, very bad. It was also halfway across town from my work.(I don't drive, only bicycle.) F got a government apartment much closer and we moved there.

It was the best thing for us, but a lot of my stuff got left behind as I thought I'd be able to pick it up anytime. Well, I've only been there about twice in the last 5 years, and not at all for the last 3. It's very frustrating.

A few things have disappeared and I'm worried that it may be permanent.