November 21, 2010

Sunday - Sunny and warm.

A really good day!

Song of the day….Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, k.d. lang, and me!

I woke up a couple of times this morning before I actually got up. No big deal. F was off to his mother’s so I woke up right around noon and got up, checked email and then a little while later, he came back.

We hummed and hawed a little about where to go and in the end he wanted to go to a place in Oyama that I’ve never been to before. He said they had ramen and also teishoku meals. I was trepidatious but went along with him. We got to the restaurant after a lovely drive listening to my new k.d. lang cd Hymns of the 49th Parallel. We went in. They served things on rice, ramen and soba. I was not amused. F did offer to go elsewhere, but I went along with it. He had ramen, I ended up having katsudon, which was pretty good. I didn’t want all the rice that came with it, but, what can I do? He didn’t like his ramen. Ha ha.

We went back to Tsuruoka and went to Yamaya. I was looking for snacks to take back to Canada. F wasn’t helping that much. He kept suggesting huge packets of things that I either wouldn’t fit in my suitcase, or would end up eating because I doubt Canadian children would touch them! We got a few treats for ourselves though!

We visited S-Mall and checked out their grocery department, then the bookstore and the dvd shop. I discovered that Predators is only out on Blue-Ray right now. I’ll have to wait another month to get the plain old dvd. Sigh.

We came home to drop off our things and then went to karaoke. We went via a grocery store for a few munchies (the place we go to allows you to bring your own food and drink) and then hit up Manekineko.

We had a blast! We only went for two hours as F has work tomorrow and I’m still a bit weezy. I tried mostly old favourites as I didn’t know any of the new songs. On a whim I put on Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell and just had the best time rocking out to that one. I got some major stress busting done. Yeah! (or as Billy would say, “More, more, more. Yow!”

After karaoke we tried to go to Cocos for dinner but once again it was too busy, so we went to Jiro instead. We had a lovely meal there. I had my usual pork saute in garlic oil. So good. Mounds of onions cooked in a garlicky oil on top of two pieces of pork. No vampire’ll come near me tonight!

We came home and had a quiet evening in. We found the second Harry Potter film on TV and watched the end of that. It was a nice night.

F went to bed and I’m still up. I’ve bundled up the garbage for him to take out when he goes to work. I’ll likely get to bed soon myself.

Oh, tomorrow, there won’t be any update as I’m sweeping F off for a lovely romantic trip to Yamagata City to see Harry Potter in English. Well, I hope it’s romantic! Tuesday is F’s birthday, so hopefully we’ll get to have a little fun in Yamagata. Wish us luck!



jy said...

Have a "romantic" birthday F...hope you both have a good time in Yamagata.

Helen said...

Thank you! I'll pass your message on too.