November 27, 2010

Saturday - Sunny and gorgeous during the day, rainy in the middle of the night.

A good day. I got up, watched news, showered, no big deal really. F and I had brunch at Gusto and then he dropped me off at work.

My first class was good as usual. After her class though, I did something unusual for me, I went out. I walked to the drug store. I was looking for some nice tea, and also a few things for myself. I didn’t find nice tea, but I found other things so got them. I was out and to two different drugstores and back to the school within an hour, so not bad!

I read some of the newspapers and also prepped classes in my free time. My second student called to say she’d be a little late. She was, but no big deal. I knew she was coming. We had a good class too.

After her class, I got ready for my last student of the day. I also read a little more and then taught another lesson. Normal day really.

After class I got started on a little art project that will go with one of my nephew’s gifts for his birthday I think. Or Christmas. I’m not sure yet. It took longer than anticipated, but no biggy. I finished up my paperwork and did dishes. I watched or listened to podcasts while I was doing it all. It really made the time fly by.
I called F to pick me up while I was watching Paul Gross on a CBC podcast. That man is fine!

We had dinner tonight in a little Korean restaurant. We were the only customers and I have the feeling the guy was about to close when we arrived, but we had a nice meal. We had chap chae, chichime and bulgogi, and then gyoza too. It was yummy.
We came home and F watched a lot of Japanese TV. At first it wasn’t too annoying, but towards the end became a bit more so. At midnight I switched on Top Gear and we watched that. It was fun as always. I watched Burn Notice at 1 which is one of the reasons that I’m posting so darn late. I’m writing this at 4 am, hope it makes sense.

Anyway, I’m off. Sheep to count and all that cool malarky. Sleep is definitely over-rated! Night!


jy said...

Love Korean food but no one else in my family will eat it...

Helen said...

That is really sad! It's so good.

The ethnic food that I miss the most is Greek though. I've never seen a Greek restaurant up here, so I always go to one when I'm back home!