November 28, 2010

Sunday - Rainy

An okay day. I went to bed very late last night but set my alarm for 11 am. I wanted to sleep in a bit, but not enough to annoy my husband! After I got up, we had a bit of apple and then discussed what to do.

I suggested going to the Daiichi Hotel for lunch and dropping my watch off on the way. My poor watch…the one I’ve been wearing for the last 10 years has a problem. The face has shifted. Usually 12 and 6 are centred at the top and bottom, but right now they have rotated a few degrees. It’s very confusing to read the time at the moment.

We dropped off my watch. I was hoping for an instant fix to be honest, but they said it’d be 3 days before they could tell us how much it would cost to repair it. Sigh. It really doesn’t matter if it’s a reasonable amount because I love that watch. F gave it to me for our first Valentine’s Day as a couple! In fact, it’s one of a pair. We got the whole “Pair Set” thing or as we’d say back home, His and Hers watches.

Lunch was good. We both had local pork with soup and bread. We added on the salad bar and dessert. The salad bar was worth it, the dessert not so much.

I picked up a few things at the hundred yen shop and then we came home for a while. I was doing some printing when my printer announced it was low on ink. Since it’s Christmas time and I need my printer I asked if we could go and buy more. So, that’s what we did! We stopped by my school to pick up my cartridges for recycling and hit up the store! I got ink, F got ink and I got more ink for my school. Yay. We also looked at some cameras there as I’m in the market for a new one. They didn’t have my brand, so we drove to the local camera store for a look-see. They had the one I want, and a couple more. I’m going to do some investigating as I would like the camera to be my Christmas present from my not so secret Santa.

We spent quite a while in the store looking at cameras and comparing them. I like the ones that have the option of putting the thing in English.

We had dinner at Kintaro Sushi and then came home via the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner. I think tomorrow will be an exciting dinner of spaghetti squash and coro-coro steak. Yum.

We watched The Golden Compass on TV tonight. It seemed a little different since I read the book. I still enjoyed it immensely though.

And that was about it. We had a nice day off together. I wish they were all like that to be honest. Next week is going to be a bit of a drag though. F has a bonnenkai on Thursday, I have a party on Friday night (but am looking forward to it ) and we have a goodbye party-overnight trip on Saturday. Whew. And I’m still trying to get ready for Christmas and Canada. Argh. Wish me luck!



jy said...

How long will you be home for the holidays??? Have a good trip! I wish I were going home too...but no one at home! Ha ha...

Helen said...

I'll be away for almost a month. I'm looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time!