November 29, 2010

Monday - Rainy most of the day

A great day! I got up almost on time this morning and despite being a little tired, never went back to bed nor did I take a nap. Win!

I watched news, checked my email groups and did a few other on-line things. I watched all of my weekend TV today too. That was a lot! Still some of it was good. I was a little disappointed in the CSI trilogy thing. They’d been talking it up a lot so I was expecting more. Still, wasn’t awful or anything.

I did a couple of loads of laundry, vacuumed the apartment and wrote a few Christmas cards. Around 4:30 I ran out to the post office to mail everything off, then came home.

I did a bit of dinner prep and then when F called to say he was on his way I got it under way. Tonight we had spaghetti squash, salad, celery sticks and coro-coro steak cooked with an onion and a little bit of sun dried tomato. That was really nice! We had basil sauce on the spaghetti squash and it was good, but I preferred the tuna one we had last year.

F was doing some paperwork so I let him off Dish Duty and I did them instead.

We had a quiet evening. F went out to mail his paperwork and then when he came back we watched Hell’s Kitchen and relaxed a bit. I did a little crochet. I’m going to have to move it a little faster if I want to finish this before I go.

That’s about it. No big deal. It was just a good day where I got a lot of things done! Night.


jy said...

Dinner sounded good!
What CSI Trilogy thing? I am into CSI New York myself...

Helen said...

Dinner was good! I was surprised about it!

The CSI Trilogy was just on WOWOW. Basically a body was found in Miami that had connections to Las Vegas so Ray Langston went to Miami to help out. Then, they found a connection to New York, so he went up there...then finally back to Las Vegas for the finale.

It was a little gruesome...but kind of cool to see the characters interacting with each other.