November 3, 2010

Wednesday - Clear, but rainy and snowy in the mountains.

An okay day. I got up a bit later than usual, but no big deal really. When F and I talked about going for something to eat, all he could say was “Soba”. Since he’s been whining about soba for the last 2 months I had had enough. I quite nicely told him that he could go out for soba and I would go out for something else. He knows I don’t like his soba restaurant and why, yet he only ever wants me to go there. Bleck.

I countered a few minutes later by mentioning the fact that it was still early enough to go to a few really nice restaurants in the area and we could have nice meals. When he challenged me to name them, I spouted 3 off the top of my head, and he agreed to go to one of them.

However, it was closed!

We ended up going to my second choice, the Grand El Son. We had a nice lunch there, I had fish and F had local pork. While we were eating I asked F what he wanted to do. As usual no plans, so when I suggested a few things like, “go for a drive, go shopping, go to the mall, go take a nap” he picked the driving option. I was fine with it, but then he announced he would like to drive to Yamagata. That’s 2 hours away and it was already 3 pm. Ack!

We did drive there and it was mostly nice. There was some bad weather in the mountains, but the road was pretty good. We got to Yamagata and went to the big mall there. They have a Toys “R” Us. We hacked around the store. I told F it would have a been a great store if it wasn’t for all the children! The only thing I bought was some Christmas stickers for my students, and F bought me some shortbread.

We didn’t buy anything else at the mall and headed back to the car. We had dinner in a Big Boy restaurant. I had steak and F had some Japanese rice-egg dish. It was nice for me.

We drove back to Tsuruoka and again made good time. The weather improved on the way back.

At home, F watched ghastly TV and then wanted to watch some new miniseries about Japanese Americans. I told him I didn’t want to watch it, so he taped it to the DVR. We were going to re-watch last night’s American Idol but he accidentally erased it. ARGH.

At 11 we watched So You Think You Can Dance, and it was fun. I quite enjoyed it and for a change agreed with the judges about most of the try outs.

F finally got off to bed, and I’ll try and get to bed soon. I’m still not feeling all that well.



Mieko said...

What kinds of noodels do you like, Soba, Udon, spagetti, ramen, or Tai-nooodel??
Once we got crazy about "soba", but unfortunately my younger daughter used to be allegic to soba, (now she can eat it, but she doesn't like it so much).
Since then we don't eat soba often, I don't know why. Anyway this blog makes me to eat "soba" against your will.
Thanks for your comments on my blog. How's the weather in Yamagata, did you get the first snow? In NIKKO we had already the first snow of this year.

Helen said...

I don't like soba or udon or ramen! I like spaghetti sometimes.

My husband, is a big noodle fan. He loves ramen and soba very much.

We've had snow in the mountains but not in our city yet. It's quite rainy these days. We'll probably get snow soon.

Thanks for commenting!