Christmas Time in The City

I was out today running a few errands when I came across this store display. It's unusual for Japan but it's rather amusing too. I stopped to take a picture at the same time a woman came out of the store to take a picture.  We saw each other's cameras and shared a moment!  It was a nice thing on a cold winter's day.

In front of a butcher's shop.  Click for a bigger version of the picture!


Vicky said...

That's really well done! Very nice!

Orchid64 said...

Someone sure made the most of what they had!

Old Santa looks like a burglar. ;-)

Nice shot!

jy said...

Really unusual idea, especially for here! But really cute... thanks for the pic!

Helen said...

Thanks for commenting everyone!

This Santa was life size so it really was eye-catching and right out on the sidewalk.