December 10, 2010

Friday - Cloudy with a few sprinkles of rain

I got up today determined to do a lot of stuff. I did, but it didn’t happen for a while! I did a couple of loads of laundry while I watched some TV.

I opened up my big suitcase again and put a few more things in it and shook my head a lot.

In the afternoon I went to the bank and paid a bill. It wasn’t due until January, but the weather now is much better than January’s will be and I have the money now, so …why not? After that, I biked up to the local craft store and spent a bit of time combing the aisles for something nice. I found a pretty acrylic that I hope will work. The only bad thing is that I wasn’t really sure how much I should use, so hopefully I have bought enough. Sounds cryptic? Good!

I came home and got stuck into writing my nengajo. Over the course of the night I ended up getting 18 done. It’s pretty much going to have to be enough. I also got a Christmas card done for a friend too. Whew!

F came home in the middle of my card writing. He wanted to drive to Sakata immediately for something he has to do tomorrow. I would have preferred to go there after dinner as I was starving. I told him I would stay home, but somehow I was pressed into service as a passenger. We drove there, I napped, we drove back, I napped more. We did hit up the big mall for some whole wheat bread and sunflower seeds. Yay.

We came home and made dinner. It was a nabe and I was going to prep some of the veggies, but F decided to do everything. Yuck. He cut the broccoli into huge pieces and didn’t wash the spinach well enough. It was gritty and I hate that. We had a curry nabe with “Coco Curry House” nabe soup and it was good. I would definitely have it again. F did the dishes which was good as he cooked himself some noodles at the end and used more pots than necessary.

We watched Paranormal Activity which was quite scary and atmospheric. It was reasonably well done. The sequel was on afterwards, but I think it wasn’t as good. I didn’t watch it that closely to be honest.

And that’s about it for my day. Tomorrow I have work, and so does F. I have a big gap in my day and I’d like my computer there at the school so I can do some personal work. I asked F if he would bring it over to me after he finished work, and after my first class ended. He can’t really understand what I want him to do and it’s driving me a bit daft. He told me that he might be able to leave work before 12. So what? I need to be in my school at 12 or just after, having had something to eat. I will likely eat breakfast at home tomorrow and then leave for my school. I can’t rely on his mights and maybes.

Gotta go. Later!


jy said...

I hate it when your "significant other" chooses a weird moment to be daft!
Packing...yeah I don't really know which is worse, packing or unpacking....

Helen said...

I'm not sure either. Packing is horrible. RIght now I'm trying to pack a bunch of Christmas presents for my family AND some clothes. It's going to be really cold at home, so will need to take my coat with me. Sigh.

And F is daft a lot! I love him, but he does love to drive me crazy!