December 12, 2010

Sunday - Cloudy with a bit of rain.

A good day. I went to bed late as I stayed up to watch a couple of British Comedies last night. I therefore stayed in bed quite late, but it was okay. I think F is finally coming round to the idea that I don’t mind if he goes out in the morning when I’m sleeping and does his “stuff”. Things like visiting his mother or working on the car or whatever, I don’t have to be there for that!

We had a nice brunch in Kintaro Sushi and then went to a hundred yen shop for me. I wanted to buy a couple of new crochet hooks. I have some of them already, but they are plastic, so they do break. I got some, plus a couple of pouches for my purse.

Then, I took F into Uniqlo and made him pick out some socks and a t-shirt. It doesn’t really compare to my camera in value, but it’s all I could persuade him to ask for. I’ll try and get him something nice in Canada too.

We came home for a while and I finished up packing my big suitcase. I took my winter coat, put it in a vacuum-pack bag and then squished all the air out of it. It ended up on the top layer of my bag. I want it reachable when I get to Edmonton. I imagine it’ll be warmer here for the next couple of days whereas I KNOW it’s already darn cold in Edmonton.

Around 6 we drove my suitcase to the delivery company and sent it off on its merry way. It should be waiting for me when I get to Narita on Thursday.

After that we were in a quandary. What should we do? We decided to have a drink in Doutors and talk about dinner. We did. I had a Royal Milk Tea and F had a latte. While we were there, F had the brainwave to go to our favourite restaurant in Mikawa. He phoned to check they were open, which they were, so that’s where we went.

We had a lovely dinner. It was steak, but we had a lot of other dishes with it. We had sashimi, salad with scallops, soup and then our steaks. Dessert was a baked apple with walnut ice cream. Very yummy.

We came back to Tsuruoka and went to the grocery store. I wanted to get something for tomorrow’s dinner. I think we’ve decided to go back tomorrow night and get something though.

At first we watched the TV movie, but then F asked if he could put on Airplane! I certainly didn’t mind, with Leslie Nielsen dying recently I thought it was a good tribute. We watched the film and laughed ourselves silly at it.

F went to bed, but has gotten up again as he is having trouble sleeping. Hopefully he’ll be okay soon.

And that’s it for me. Oh, I’ll likely take Wednesday night off blogging as I need to have an early night before I go a-travelling. Talk to you tomorrow night. Bye!


siti the twins said...

i like your post.=D

jy said...

Good luck with the trip to Narita...that is a trip in itself! Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2011. Looking forward to more of your blogs in 2011!

Helen said...

Thank you ladies! It's nice to hear that other people enjoy my blog.

I'll be here tonight and Tuesday most likely too!