December 17, 2010

Friday - Snowy and a bit cold

I had a good day today. I woke up around 8:20 this morning, a bit earlier than I usually do in Japan! I stayed in bed for a bit, but got up after a bit. Van and I chatted and I showered. Van was working out but got a call from the school. Zach wasn't feeling well, so Van went to pick him up.

We went out later to the drugstore and to the grocery store. I always feel a bit strange when I go to a Canadian grocery store. There is just so much stuff. Aisles and aisles of stuff that I want to buy. It's so different from Japan!

We came back to Van's and I helped Van prepare some veggies for dinner tonight. She was making vegetarian lasagna, so I chopped a bunch of veggies. I took a nap after a bit as I was really tired.

Van woke me up for dinner and we all had a family dinner. The lasagna was really nice, and I had some bread and salad. Major yum.

After dinner I showed Kate the stuff I'm bringing to her class, and then we started to watch Pitch Black. I started to fall asleep after a bit, so we stopped the movie and I decided to come to bed. However, I'm blogging and watching Buffy!

I will get some sleep soon. Night!

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