December 18, 2010

Saturday - Cold and sunny, with a little bit of snow

Had a great day today. I went to bed rather late last night, but still woke up quite early, earlier than at home! I was up around 7 and made my first public appearance around 7:45am.

We had breakfast at home and a bit of dancing in the kitchen. Kate and I love music and dancing, so she put on some tunes and we had our own disco/karaoke in the kitchen. So much fun!

We went to see Zach play soccer this morning. I had been dreading it, but it was fun. Zach is the youngest on his team but he is the same size as the older kids. He played very well, as did the rest of his team. They managed to win 2-1 in quite an even game. Zach was the goalie in the second half.

Van and Joe took the kids and I out for dim sum. Yum! We had a lot of good dishes, including shu mei and steamed rice.

After lunch, Van, Kate and Zach and I went to Southgate Mall to do a bit of shopping. I bought a calendar, Kate did some shopping and trying on of stuff, but really the only thing that was bought on this trip was a new pair of boots for Zach.

We came home and vegged for a while before dinner. After dinner, Kate and I took on Joe at Trivial Pursuit. In a very close game, we managed to win. We were both quite happy with ourselves.

We watched a movie later on, but I fell asleep on part of it. It was very confusing. I think it was interesting, but with big gaps in it, I couldn't figure out what was happening.

Tomorrow I'm not sure what I'll be up to. I thought I'd go out with my friend, but she's busy, so I think I'll stay at home and do the family thing maybe. Anyway, I'll talk about it tomorrow ! Night.

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