December 20, 2010

Monday - Clear but cold. Bracing!

A good day. I got up early enough to say goodbye to the munchkins this morning. After that, I had breakfast then took a shower. My friend came to visit me around 10 and we left the house.

We went to the bank first and then we drove into Edmonton. We went first to IKEA for a quick visit, then hit up Additionelle. I did really well there and got myself a couple of pairs of jeans and a lovely black dress, plus a few unmentionables! We went next door then to see Cotton Jenny Plus. We both did well there too. My friend bought my purchases there for me as my Christmas present. Yay! It was very nice of her.

We had lunch at Earl's. We both had salads. Mine was gorgeous. It was a spinach salad with chicken breast and bacon. There was also brie and dried fruit too. So good. I ate the whole thing, even though it was huge. We had dessert too. So nice.

We hit up London Drugs and then Best Buy. I managed to get the dvd I was really looking for. I didn't get another one I wanted, but oh well. I picked up Grosse Pointe Blank and Let the Right One In. I'm looking forward to seeing the latter especially.

We drove back to Beaumont and had coffee at Tim Hortons, then she drove me back to Van's.

In the evening I had dinner and then played a bit with Zach. After a bit of time downstairs on the computer I went up and watched a bit of TV. I got cold, so came downstairs. I'll probably go to bed soon. I was hoping to do some crochet or wrapping, but I am really tired.

Tomorrow I go to Kate's school to talk about Japan. Hope I feel like it then! That 's it for me. Night.


jy said...

Hmmm hope you feel like TALKING about Japan much less coming back! I like how your posts mentions food a lot... Miss it much???

Helen said...

Umm, yes to the food! I love spinach salad and it's so hard to find in Japan, ditto the nice gooey desserts.

I think I'll be back! I think :-)